Frank Naylor. Photosynthesis AND RESPIRATION

Words to remember❗️

Light Energy: light energy is is a form of energy the comes from light hence, light energy.

Water: water is a form of matter, it is one of the three stages of matter.

Carbon Dioxide: Carbon dioxide is a gas.

Stoma:pors in the leaf or stem.

Chloroplasts: Chloroplasts is were photosynthesis acurse.

Chlorophyll: Is inside the chloroplasts. this is what takes in the sunlight.

Glucose: is one word for sugar. This is stored in the flower to create energy. Glucoses scientific combination is C6h1206.

CO2: CO2 is the scientific combination for water. The combination is one carbon and two oxygen.

H2O: H2O is the scientific combination for air. This combination contains one hydrogen and and two oxygen.

C6H12O6: This is the scientific combination for glucose or sugar. This has six carbon, Twelve Hydrogen and six oxygen.

O2: this is the scientific combination for oxygen. This so a combination of two oxygen and this is because oxygen molecules can't be by them selfs.

Stored Energy/ATP:ATP is is stored energy that the plant uses to grow and produce.


☀️ Sunlight ☀️

Sunlight is one of the main of three ingredients to photosynthesis. This help give the plant energy.

So it starts off with 6 carbon dioxide + 6 water +energy ->glucose + 12 oxygen.

Photosynthesis gives a plant food


Resperation helps breakdown sugar into energy. This is important for the plant to survive. If the plant does not have energy it will die. Resperation gives the plant what it needs to reproduce.

Thank You!


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