A letter from jeanne

Dear mia

Hello its Jeanne do you remember me? Im here in this interment camp with my family and its really rough being in here. Its hard when the family is always wored or working. I hope you remember me from kindergarten. We were really good friends and i wanted to write you a letter telling you that i really miss hanging out with you. I remember your full name mia ann lopez. Your favorite color was purple. Your favorite food fried chicken and mashed patatos with a side of corn. During recces me, you and our other friends used to play tag around the school yard. It wasn't that long ago you must remember me. You used to come over to my house and we would play. I was laying down and i just thought of you and how much fun we had. I thought of all those sunny fun days we had together. All the good times we had together and i really needed that during this time of sadness. I wish this never happend and i really want it to end now. I want those days were me and you had the funnest times of our lives.


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