A Long Way Gone

Bordering Countries: Libera, Guinea.

Body of Water: Atlantic Ocean.

This place is coveted because of it's precious materials, diamonds, gold, etc.

They are a constitutional democracy.


(Revolutionary United Front)

The RUF took all they could, men, resources, anything they wanted. They wanted to overthrow their government.

The War

NPFL and RUF attacked Sierra Leone and took what they wanted. The child soldiers were being taken or tricked into fighting for RUF.

Libera, Congo, and the Sudan used children for their fearlessness and because they were less demanding.

Action to stop child military:

Telling people about it, making more people aware.

They are coming together and working for a common goal.

They are trying to stop people from being soldiers that are eighteen years or younger.

The United Nation was trying to get people safe and to as close to normal as they could. Those who still want to fight are dealth with more care.

Ishmael Beah

Age: 37

Collage: Oberhin

Downtown Manhattan

Hip hop made him fasicinated with American and used to watch it on a tv at the pool.

Used 3rd person.

I learned that people didn't know about the war.

He lost his family when he was 12.

Created By
Bobbie Weigleb


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