Florida Museum of Natural History Butterly rainforest

Nature on Display: Going to the Florida Museum of Natural History, one exhibit that was particular appealing to me was the Butterly Exhibit. Although I had heard about this exhibit from my friends who took Good Life last semester, I had never been to a butterfly exhibit before so I did not know what to expect. When first walking into the exhibit, I was surprised at how big the exhibit was. Filled with all different types of trees and plants, the exhibit had big clear windows with a very high ceiling. The light coming in from the windows along with the beautiful color of the plants brightened the exhibit making it even more appealing. The nature surrounding me along with the butterflies really captured my attention. After reflecting on my experience at the exhibit, I learned about how the butterflies survive on their own in the exhibit. Even though there are various types of butterflies, they are all able to survive in the same atmosphere and weather conditions. Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to the butterfly museum because I had never been to a museum like this where I was able to see butterflies up close along with the environment they live in.

Nature and Ethics: Yes, I feel that the Florida Museum of Natural History provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in the ways that Leopold recommends. This is because at the butterfly exhibit, I was able to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value. This is because I appreciate its beauty and the biotic community throughout the land. I do not take this land for granted but rather admire and respect it. As I walked through the museum, I felt a sense of peacefulness and clarity. The aesthetic was gorgeous and the tiny waterfalls throughout the exhibit gave the atmosphere a sense of tranquility and peace. While walking throughout the exhibit, I noticed the other people there too. Many of them were children accompanied by adults such as their parents and grandparents. As I looked around, I noticed that the children and adults were constantly on their iPhones and cameras taking photos and videos of the butterflies. Although I took pictures as well, unlike many of these people, I took time to look up from my phone and observe the environment around me and connect with nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit: The Florida Museum of Natural History helps us step out of our ordinary lives because the exhibit allowed me to go out of my comfort zone and to take a step back from worrying about my life and see how other species live. During the time I was in the exhibit, I was able to focus on the butterflies and the atmosphere that they live in, rather than getting distracted and thinking about the studying or work that I have to do later. Also, I was able to step out of my ordinary life because while I was in the Florida Museum of Natural History it no longer felt as though I was in Gainesville. The butterfly exhibit helps us better understand who we are because it allows us to focus on the simple things in life while taking time out of our day to reflect on who we are and the world around us. The exhibit also helps us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by immersing ourselves into an unfamiliar environment and carefully observing the living community around us.


Rachel Geradi

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