2016-2017 Mid-Year Portfolio By: Kaylynn Bailey

Why I took Advanced Art

I took Advanced Art because it is my favorite part of the day, I love to express myself, be creative, and explore new mediums. Everyday I get to express myself by creating art the way I would like to. So far this year I have discovered three new mediums which were charcoal pencils, watercolor and pastel pencils and I plan on using them in the future.

Project Work

I am most Proud of my watercolor eye

My art has improved this year because I have expanded my ability in using mediums I haven't used before and improving the skills that I already have. I have also learned to take more time on my projects, improving the outcome of the projects, making them neater and more precise.

My Watercolor Eye From Start To Finish

The Project i wish to re-do

I wish to re-do my charcoal self-portrait because I think it looks terrible due to the fact that my eyes and nose look really weird and off. I really would like to re-do my face entirely, my hair and shirt are the best part about my portrait.

My Self-Portrait Start To Finish

Artistic Behaviors

Create Original art

One of my artistic behaviors is creating original art,for example, my first project of the year where I was given a dictionary page to incorporate into my art. I became inspired to create the devilish boy in my painting because of the words on the dictionary page I was given to create my project, contained the words such as "devil" and "devilment." I created him thinking that being bad is fun and good is boring, so he knocks off his self-conscious angelic good side and begins to dream of himself getting his own horns just like his self-conscious devilish bad side.

Artistic Behaviors

Develop art making skills

I developed art making skills with my watercolor eye. I have used watercolor before but never like this, what I mean is that I never created my own colors by mixing them together while using watercolor, I have only created tints and shades by adding water to the color. This experience has taught me how to get cleaner brush strokes so I could create a sharper look.

My Goal

My goal is to finish my wolf drawing with the pastel pencils and create a large clay sculpture of an animal such as a elephant or wolf.


progress photos of my wolf drawing

From Start To Current

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