Marriott International Holly Arey, Maddie Baldwin, Katy Byrd, BJ Farrow, & Valerie Peulausk

Marriott International


  • Well known brand that is successful in providing a quality experience.
  • 54 million members with discounts and package deals (About Marriott Hotels)


  • High debt with risk of bankruptcy
  • Increase of expenses from $13,136 million to $15,704 (EDGAR)


  • growth in global expansion
  • financial stability as adjusted income increases providing leverage for spending and paying off debt


  • Change in culture
  • The customers are desiring accommodations based on their generation
Proposed Change
  • We propose change to Marriott International Hotels based upon differing generational preferences and global travel.
  • Due to the new desires of the millennial generation, while maintaining the traditional values of the previous generations in order to satisfy a broader range of consumers.
  • The main reason for the change to Marriott International, based on research, is the amount of diversity in the consumers at Marriott International.
Demand Shifters

Baby Boomers must haves

Millenials are interested in social media, marketing, and brand image

Kotters Change Model
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Build a Coalition
  • Form a strategic vision and initiative
  • Enlist a volunteer army
  • Enable action by removing barriers
  • Short Term Wins
  • Sustain Acceleration
  • Institute Change
  • Marriott is already a successful business, but if they were to implemented this change then they might be able to reach their full potential in the industry.
  • Millennials are big time travelers and they need to feel like their big three desires are meet, which are to spend time with family, to relax and rejuvenate, and to get away from everyday life.
  • This change will potentially bring in more customers and more money to the company.


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