Tennessee Coal Ash Spill By Brian and Rylan

What is the Tennessee Coal Ash Spill? In December of 2008, a wall of a power plant near the town of Harriman broke causing approximately 525 million gallons of wet coal ash to get dumped into the Tennessee River. This accident destroyed 12 homes, and left highly dangerous and toxic chemicals in the Tennessee River. Thankfully no one was injured but this "coal ash" had already polluted the water systems of 23 states no later than a year after the incident.

What occurred to solve the problem? The EPA decided to allow the Tennessee Valley Authority to start shipping the sludge, by train, to the Arrowhead Landfill of Perry County. this is a central county of Alabama. this would benefit Perry County by allowing them to charge millions of dollars for dumping fees.

How does this incident impact the environment? This impacts the surrounding environment because it destroyed most plant life as well as the area where animals lived with the animals themselves.


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