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What's up in Town Administration?

Saturday June 5, 2021 Annual Town Meeting

The 2021 Annual Town Meeting was successfully held outdoors on June 5th. The weather was fantastic, the sound was amazing, electronic voting devices worked and we finished in one day. In the link above is an unofficial summary of the votes, as well as the follow-up that now commences. An official summary of the votes prepared by the Town Clerk will be posted on the Town website shortly. Many people were responsible for organizing a successful Town Meeting event and it required a lot of logistics. For fear of missing someone, I decided not to include a list of people in e-news to thank specifically but I did my best to thank numerous people at the June 9, 2021 Board meeting here. All of the ballot questions at the June 15th election passed and incumbent Select Board member Dawn Hill Holdgate was re-elected to a third term.

From Town Clerk Nancy Holmes


Many thanks to Diane O’Neil, Karen McGonigle, Maggie Stewart, Nantucket Police Department, Nantucket Fire Department, DPW, Mark Willet, David Gray, and Linda Peterson.

To all who dedicated time to make this unique Town Meeting happen, THANK YOU! You all went above and beyond!


The state-wide State of Emergency was lifted by Governor Baker as of June 15, 2021, along with most COVID-related restrictions. Meanwhile, outdoor dining continues to be allowed in certain locations. The Select Board is scheduled to have a discussion about the future of outdoor dining at its July 21st meeting. Meanwhile, the Hospital’s vaccination clinic has transitioned to the Town. THANK YOU to the Hospital for its help with setting up and staffing the initial clinic - a lot of work went into that effort and it is extremely appreciated. THANK YOU also to the VFW for leasing its facility for the clinic. And, THANK YOU to the Town’s Health Department staff for seamlessly continuing the vaccination program. Public Health Director Roberto Santamaria and/or Human Services Director Jerico Mele have been providing the Select Board with weekly COVID updates for over a year. They continue to monitor test results and vaccination levels, as well as testing for incidence of the virus in wastewater samples from the wastewater treatment facilities. Their efforts to keep the Island as safe as possible are to be commended, as well as the leadership of the Select Board and Board of Health.

Other activities with which Town Admin has been busy:

  • Working on a timeline for the 2022 Annual Town Meeting – the Select Board is expected to vote on a date at its July 7, 2021 meeting;
  • Preliminary preparations for the FY 2023 operating budget and capital project requests;
  • Preparing for a Facilities Master Plan workshop with the Select Board, the date for which is currently “TBD” but which we expect to happen before fall;
  • Continuing to work on addressing PFAS – including an Island-wide risk assessment – the Select Board is scheduled to be provided with an update at its July 7, 2021 meeting;
  • Updating Town records and the website with the annual committee appointments;
  • Through the public safety departments, preparing for the upcoming July 4th weekend, which is anticipated to be busier than ever;
  • Working with various staff to re-educate businesses as to the Town’s Plastics Ban;
  • Preparing for the Nantucket Community Association’s Annual Summer Forum to be held virtually on Tuesday, July 13th beginning at 9:30 am. Check their website for more information.


TRASH: Roadside litter seems to have markedly increased and is primarily caused by unsecured loads. Please, SECURE your load(s)! Make yourself not responsible for littering the Island. This year, Recycling Coordinator Graeme Durovich is working with two interns on a variety of solid waste issues, including:

  • Plastics Ban education with visits to local businesses;
  • Trash barrel sorts to analyze contents and develop reports to help;
  • Public outreach and education program(s) relating to solid waste management and how people can best dispose of their trash.

BEACHES: Everyone wants to go to their favorite beach. Especially with COVID restrictions lifted. Not everyone will get to their favorite beach at their favored time, this summer. We have a lot of people here, we have endangered species restrictions in some areas which are limiting access to certain beaches; we have erosion in some areas and sometimes there is simply nowhere for vehicles to get on to the beach or park on a beach; or, in a parking lot at a beach. We ask for the patience of beach goers this summer and that the Town and other staff who are responsible for managing and patrolling our beaches to keep you safe, be respected.

SPEEDING: Complaints are coming in about speeding vehicles. Especially when projects are causing detours, some people feel the need to speed through neighborhoods to get around a project and/or to where they are going as quickly as possible. Yes, we’re all in a rush; however, please be respectful of neighborhoods, many of which have children, pedestrians, pets, bicyclists who are endangered by speeding vehicles. Remember: you’re already on Nantucket, no need to rush!

Personnel Updates

Our Island Home New Administrator: We welcomed Chris Roberts to the position this month and are looking forward to working with him. Chris Roberts has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 2010, after graduating Summa Cum Laude from the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute the same year. Chris quickly rose in his career from being a single-site Administrator to a multi-site Operator, to acquiring and operating 2 Skilled Nursing Facilities in Eastern MA as the licensee in 2019. In addition to his many years of successful long-term care operations, Chris spends a lot of time in Community Involvement. He was a Board Member for the Springfield Shriners Children’s Hospital in Springfield, Mass, an active member of Rotary and Kiwanis, and volunteers his time and resources to various non-profit organizations. Welcome, Chris!

Retirement of Deputy Fire Chief Robert Bates: After 32+ years of service, today is Deputy Chief Robert Bates last day with the Town. Thank you Bob for your hard work and your endless dedication to our community! We wish you the best in your retirement. Cheers!

Community Health Clinical Administrator Heather Francis: Heather has been a tireless worker in the ongoing efforts to vaccinate Nantucket’s population. She has been deeply involved with all levels of the employer vaccination clinics and the Town’s standing clinics, as well as the VFW Clinic before them. Her dedication and empathy has been instrumental in protecting the most vulnerable members of our community, with little recognition and under difficult circumstances.

Land Use Planner Eleanor Antionetti: After 7 years in the PLUS office, Land Use Planner Eleanor Antonietti starts a new chapter in her career, as the Nantucket Land Bank Executive Assistant. We asked her how she feels about the transition: "The best thing about moving from PLUS to the NILB is the relative seamlessness of the transition thanks to the various linkages of my previous work to the mission of the Nantucket Land Bank. I will be performing a variety of tasks to assist the Executive Director and the Commission in furthering the goals of the Land Bank, such as coordinating summer camps visiting our properties, conducting title research, orchestrating community outreach, managing public bidding process and more. I am looking forward to learning as much in this position as I did in my very rewarding 7 years with my friends and colleagues at PLUS!"

New Our Island Home Administrator Chris on a hike with his dog!
Retired Deputy Fire Chief Bob Bates.
Community Health Clinical Administrator Heather Francis at a COVID Vaccination Mobile Unit.
Eleanor Antionetti at the front steps of the Nantucket Island Land Bank.

Health Department News

Town of Nantucket COVID Vaccination Programs

The Town of Nantucket is offering two vaccination programs, the Employee Vaccination Services, which offer vaccination assistance to businesses, and the Town of Nantucket Walk-In Clinic, now located at the 1st Way School Administration site.

Employee Vaccination Services: The Town of Nantucket is offering vaccination assistance for businesses. If you are interested in participating in this program, please email Community Health Clinical Administrator Heather Francis (hafrancis@nantucket-ma.gov).

Volunteer translator Cessna, Human Services Director Jerico and Community Health Clinical Administrator Heather at a mobile COVID vaccination clinic.

Town of Nantucket Walk-In Clinic: The Town of Nantucket has two standing COVID vaccine clinics, both taking place at the 1st Way School Administration site. They operate Thursdays, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., and Sundays, 12:00 to 2:00 pm. No appointments or identification required. Any questions regarding these clinics should go to Jerico Mele (jmele@nantucket-ma.gov).

Other sites offering COVID vaccines on-island

  • ACK Dental Arts: Offering Johnson and Johnson. Visit their website for more information: https://ackdentalart.com/.
  • Dan's Pharmacy: COVID vaccine wait-list open. Currently providing Moderna vaccine. Wait list available on the website, call in requests at (508) 825-9100.
  • Health Imperatives: Offering Johnson and Johnson. Call (508-228-9189) or visit www.healthimperatives.org/Nantucket to schedule an appointment.

Don't Become Nantucket Red

Behavioral Health Survey

Community Foundation for Nantucket, Nantucket Cottage Hospital, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Fairwinds Nantucket want your help in gathering information about the current challenges and opportunities facing people who need mental health or substance misuse services on Nantucket.

The Behavioral Health Survey asks questions about any experiences you or others you know have had when trying to find mental health or substance misuse services and your suggestions to improve services. Your name is not required to participate. Complete the survey in your language of preference:

DEI Corner

Pride Month

June is Pride Month. The first Pride march was held in New York City in June 1970, in remembrance of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising. Pride Month acknowledges the contributions, struggles, and humanity of individuals that identify as LGBTQIA+. For more information and resources visit:


The combination of the words ‘June’ and ‘nineteenth,’ Juneteenth commemorates the day when Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 and informed the enslaved population that they were freed. By the time the news reached Galveston, President Abraham Lincoln had already issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, General Robert E. Lee had already surrendered, and the ratification process of the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery) was already underway. For more information visit:

Equal Pay Act of 1963

In June 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act. This legislation was “one of the first federal anti-discrimination laws that addressed wage differences based on gender. The Act made it illegal to pay men and women working in the same place difference salaries for similar work.” For more information visit:

Community Resiliency

Coastal Resilience Plan, Virtual Open House #2

On Thursday, June 24, about 120 people attended the Virtual Open House #2, a follow up from the first event of the same name in January 2021. This second Virtual Open House focused on how the Coastal Resilience Plan is working towards solutions and what kinds of solutions might be acceptable to the community. After welcomes from Town Manager Libby Gibson and Coastal Resilience Advisory Committee Chair Mary Longacre, the Project Team outlined the plan to date and an island-wide risk assessment. The risk assessment showed that the single most vulnerable piece of infrastructure is Steamboat Wharf and that some 3,428 structures are at risk and some $1.2 billion in cumulative damages are expected between now and 2070 from coastal flooding erosion and sea level rise. So with that in mind, the topic turned to resilience measures that can be used to reduce the Island's exposure to this amount of risk.

Participants selected if they wanted to talk about one of 4 areas: Madaket, South Shore, Sconset or Nantucket Harbor. Every one of the four breakout groups talked about the Downtown area as well as their chosen area. Topics from artificial dunes on the south shore to raising roads in the downtown area and other types of infrastructure, mostly "green" infrastructure, were discussed. Though all groups had good participation, the most widely attended group was the Nantucket Harbor group as most people wanted to discuss the harbor and the downtown area together.

A sincere THANK YOU to all who attended. Public participation makes this process work.

Resilient Nantucket

At the June 11, 2021 Nantucket Historic District Commission meeting, Resilient Nantucket: Flooding Adaptation & Building Elevation Design Guidelines were unanimously adopted (4-0) by the Commission. Nantucket Island is one of the nation’s largest National Historic Landmark Districts with over 1,000 pre-1860s structures contributing to its historical, architectural, and cultural significance. And yet, these irreplaceable resources are increasingly threatened by short- and long-term flooding caused by sea level rise. Resilient Nantucket not only provides suggested practices for the built environment, but it also addresses several priority actions identified in the Town’s Municipal Vulnerability Program (MVP) Community Resilience Workshop Report (2019) and the Hazard Mitigation Plan (2019.)

These guidelines include suggested practices for flooding adaptation and building elevation design details for Nantucket’s buildings and streetscapes at risk of flooding and sea level rise. The Resilient Nantucket addendum follows the recommendations and “best practices” for resiliency and flood mitigation strategies for historic buildings, as outlined by the National Park Service’s Standards on Flood Adaptation for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings published in 2019 and illustrated in 2021.

Properties that are 50 years old or older and which retain their architectural and historical integrity are considered contributing to the character of the Nantucket National Historic Landmark District are considered historic buildings/structures.

For contributing properties at risk of flooding, treatments should be undertaken to avoid or minimize the impacts and to ensure the continued preservation of the property in its historic character. If a contributing structure in Nantucket’s floodplain undergoes substantial improvement (under the Building Code) or damage (worth 50% or more of the structure’s market value), the structure must be brought up to code. However, the definition of substantial improvement exempts “any alternation of a historic structure, provided that the alteration will not preclude the continued designation as a historic structure.[1]” This exemption can be interpreted as an exemption only from those flood mitigation activities that would preclude the structure’s historic designation (as recommended by the National Park Service.)

Funding for Resilient Nantucket was made possible from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant Program and the project was conducted by Thomason & Associates and The Craig Group.

Any questions on the Resilient Nantucket document, please contact the Town’s Preservation Planner at hbackus@nantucket-ma.gov.

[1] Massachusetts Building Code Section R105.3.1.1

Culture & Tourism

Independence Day 2021

The Town of Nantucket reminds residents and visitors that for Independence Day 2021, instead of Main Street activities, Fireworks display, and Children’s Beach games there will be several events at Children’s Beach on Saturday, July 3, 2021.

July 3rd Special Holiday Fun/Music on the Bandstand:

  • 9am - Nanpuppets with Lizza
  • 10-11am – The Dunbars
  • 11am-Noon – Susan and Ray
  • 5-6pm – The Shepcats
  • 6-7pm – Rebecca Chapa

A reminder from Fire Chief Steve Murphy

Private fireworks displays are illegal in Massachusetts. In 2019, fireworks were involved with an estimated 10,000 injuries treated in US hospital emergency departments. On average 180 people go to the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month around the July 4th holiday - 44% of those people have burns (Consumer product safety commission states). Every year, fireworks are the cause of hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage.

Let’s keep our island safe and the holiday enjoyable. Enjoy the beach, take a bike ride, hike on conservation property – socially distanced and fireworks free.

Nantucket Cultural District

Have you visited the Nantucket Cultural District website lately? It lists the cultural activities that are taking place around the island and a great place to see what’s going on live and virtually. You can find it at www.nantucketculturaldistrict.org.

Visitor Services Office

The Visitor Services Office at 25 Federal Street is open seven days a week. Our Straight Wharf Kiosk and the Airport Information Desk is now open for the season. Check out Children’s Beach activities here.

If you’re an organization or business who provides us with flyers, business cards, or other information, please do bring your up-to-date material to the office to share with our visitors.

New Sculpture Installation at Sparks Avenue Roundabout

The Sparks Avenue Roundabout welcomes a new installation by Nantucket sculptor John Evans. “Figurative Journey” is a bronze on bluestone sculpture measuring 80 inches tall. Evans has been a full-time sculptor for over forty years. John’s unique carvings embody the ideas and influences of his lifelong interest in the visual arts.

Four local sculptors display work in the roundabout: John Evans, David Hostetler, Chris Oberg, and Billy Sherry. The four artists work together with the Office of Culture and Tourism to determine the sequence of presented work. Beginning with the current installation, pieces will be installed for a six-month period with works rotating each Spring and Fall.

Sparks Avenue roundabout installation by Nantucket sculptor John Evans

Energy Office: Staying cool and lowering your electric bill

Summer weather has arrived on Nantucket! While it can be tempting to crank up the air conditioner to stay cool, this can cause your electric bill to spike and the island’s energy demand to surge.

On average, homes use about 35% more electricity during the hot and humid weather. Stay cool and lower your energy bills this season with these energy-saving tips:

  • Keep your air conditioner setting as warm as possible with windows closed. For every degree you increase the temperature, your air conditioner will use 1-3% less electricity.
  • Clean air conditioner filters and coils at least every three months. Dirty filters block air flow, reducing efficiency.
  • Close window blinds and drapes that face the sun to block out the heat – especially during peak sun hours.
  • Conserving water is a great way to save energy and money in your home. Install water-saving faucets and low-flow showerheads, set a maximum water temperature of 120° F, and upgrade your water heater to a high-efficiency model (look for water heaters with an Energy Factor of .67 or greater).
  • Upgrade outdated heating and air conditioning equipment to newer, more energy-efficient models such as air-source “minisplit” heatpumps. You'll save as much as 30% on energy costs in the long term, reduce maintenance, and improve the comfort of your home.
  • Sign up for a no-cost energy assessment. A specialist will inspect your home or business and recommend ways you can improve comfort and use less energy. To schedule a virtual home energy assessment, please call 1-844-615-8316 or sign-up online.

To learn more energy saving tips and special events, please visit: www.ngrid.com/nantucket. Questions about energy efficiency or renewable energy? Please contact Energy Coordinator Lauren Sinatra, lsinatra@nantucket-ma.gov, 508-325-5379.

Housing News

Nantucket Achieves New One-Year Period of Safe Harbor

The below were remarks delivered by the Housing Director at the June 23rd Select Board meeting on the occasion of the Town reaching a new "Safe Harbor" period with respect to Chapter 40B.

Information & Technology Office: Tips on Cybersecurity

In early June, the Steamship Authority was hit by a ransomware attack that took over a week to fully recover from. This is VERY close to home and is a strong reminder that all of us are vulnerable to these attacks. Cybercriminals are targeting infrastructure, transportation, utilities and government entities with alarming frequency.

According to the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts files on your device making them unusable. The perpetrators then demand a ransom to decrypt the files. They sometimes threaten to sell or leak your sensitive data if you don’t pay up. Anyone with an Internet connected device is vulnerable.

CISA recommends the following:

  • On your devices (whether at home or at work):
  1. Back your data up regularly and store it offline;
  2. Update your software and operating systems with the latest patches – pay attention to these notices, including your phone and tablet updates;
  3. Never click on links or open attachments in unsolicited emails;
  4. Follow safe practices when using Internet connected devices - See Good Security Habits;
  5. Create a strong password;
  6. Use multi-factor authentication, if available;
  7. Avoid easy to guess answers to security questions;
  8. Ceate a separate account for each family member – don’t share a login.

We must all stay vigilant and focus on CYBERSECURITY while at work and at home. Stopping these attacks begins with you!

Public Works

Illegal Dumping

We are fortunate to have two Waste Reduction Interns working with DPW this summer. They have been monitoring the island’s municipal waste receptacles, found downtown and at parks and beaches, three days a week. In the month of June, they recorded 55 cases of illegal dumping. Municipal waste receptacles exist for the convenience of the traveling public and are NOT for household or business waste disposal. Massachusetts General Law c. 270 § 16 and the Town of Nantucket Bylaw § 125-7 prohibit improper disposal of waste and violations are subject to a fine. Putting household or business waste in receptacles prematurely fills them, creating litter issues from overflowing barrels.

Universal Waste Shed

Visit the new Universal Waste Shed at the Recycling Center and learn what light bulbs, batteries, thermostats, and smoke detectors are hazardous and non-hazardous! Please be mindful of where you put your waste by following the signage available inside the shed, and ask the attendant if you have any questions. Did you know that alkaline batteries are not hazardous and simply go in Scrap Metal recycling?

Moby: Addressing Coastal Litter on Nantucket Through Functional Art

Meet Moby at Surfside Beach, learn about slow violence, and pick up some coastal litter! DPW designed this fun, creative project in collaboration with a 2019 WPI student team and Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket, bridging the fields of art, engineering, physical sciences, and education. Billy Sherry, a local artist and sculptor, brought Moby to life, supported by a generous donation from the Ozone Surf Classic Foundation Board in memory of their dear friend David Ozias. This project seeks to spark broader engagement, knowledge, and discussion among the public about issues relating to coastal litter, plastic waste, and the residue of our everyday consumer lives.

Post a picture with Moby to @moby_nantucket on Instagram and Twitter.

Sewer Department Updates

Surfside Road Area Sewer System Improvements Project

Since the start of the roadway portion of the project the contractor has installed gravity sewers in Surfside Road from Miacomet Ave to First Way. This represents approximately two-thirds of all new sewers to be constructed in Surfside Road and Bartlett Road. All work within the roadways is on hold for the summer. Work within the roadways will resume sometime in the fall or winter of 2021, with final connections and surface restoration scheduled for the spring of 2022 when the new pump station is in operation.

We expect that the Nantucket Police Department will propose, and the Select Board will approve, a waiver of the noise bylaw to allow construction within the roadways to be done in the evening hours when roadway construction resumes. For the safety of the crew and public full road closures are expected to be in effect during all roadway work. As always, local businesses will remain open and accessible during construction hours.

The contractor is currently mobilizing a crew and equipment to begin construction at the new pump station site (53 Surfside Rd. – Assessor’s Map 67, Parcel 218.1) during the last week of June and first week of July. Construction activities at the pump station site will not impact traffic and the work will be conducted during the day. The building and site work will continue through the fall and winter, with final startup expected in the spring of 2022.

The public is urged to visit the project webpage for more information, including weekly schedule updates, crew location, road closures, and detour plans for Phases 1-3 throughout the duration of this project. The Sewer Department can also be reached at (508) 228-7200 x7800 with any questions.

Meet Our Summer Interns

Natural Resources Department

David Berry, The "Permatern"
Oyster Restoration/Shell Recycling Technician Noah Singer
Algae/ Hatchery Technician Morgan
Field/ Hatchery Technician Griffin Harkins
Water Resource Technician Josh
Endangered Species Monitor Maggie Swanson

David Berry "The Permatern" is a graduate of Brown University and has worked in the shellfish hatchery seasonally for six years!! David is an expert shellfish spawner and knows the intricacies of the hatchery inside and out. Besides shellfish, David enjoys bee-keeping and is famous for his “hatchery hacks” making life at the hatchery easier for everyone!

Oyster Restoration/Shell Recycing Technician Noah Singer is 24, and from Livingston New Jersey. Last year he graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor's degree in Marine Science and Biology. He loves being in the ocean either snorkeling, fishing, or scuba diving. He loves studying nearshore coastal ecosystems and the species interactions that take place there. He is excited to explore Nantucket and see all the amazing marine life around it. He also loves to cook and BBQ.

Algae/Hatchery Technician Morgan is from Reno, Nevada and is a junior at the University of Nevada (Reno). She majors in biology and is the dive safety officer for UNR’s Scuba Club. She hopes to continue her education and get her Master's degree in Marine Biology.

Field/Hatchery Technician Griffin Harkins is a second year intern with a degree in marine biology. He is currently working on his Master's in in Sustainable Aquaculture from the University of St. Andrews. Griffin is in charge of maintaining the hatchery systems and assisting with all of NRD’s field work this season. He loves working with the Natural Resources team, especially Hatchery Technician Joe.

Water Resource Technician Josh is responsible for sampling our harbors and great ponds as well as helping out with other NRD restoration projects. He graduated from Stony Brook with his B.S. in Marine Vertebrate Biology. He has worked in a seal and sea turtle rescue center on Long Island NY. A few of his hobbies include hiking, fishing, rowing, and lacrosse.

Maggie Swanson is an undergraduate student at Middlebury College studying computer science, biology, and environmental studies. She is excited to act as the Department’s endangered species monitor and get to know the island’s beautiful beaches and lovely, but threatened, bird species. If you see her around the island, feel free to introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have about plovers, terns, or oystercatchers.

Public Works

Emily Lê is a rising senior at Wellesley College, studying biology and religion. Born and raised in New Jersey, Emily has always been interested in biology, especially conservation biology. She is excited to be working as a Waste Reduction Intern for the Department of Public Works this summer to help further the town’s goals of improving current waste management practices and educating the public about solid waste.

Public Works summer intern Emily Lê

Ella Warburg is a rising senior at Wellesley College double majoring in Environmental Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is from Mercer Island, Washington and grew up in the East Bay of California. At Wellesley, Ella is captain of the Varsity Golf Team and has been pursuing her studies focused on conservation biology and environmental justice in the wake of climate change. As a Waste Reduction Intern for the Department of Public Works this summer, Ella is excited to continue working towards eliminating single-use plastics on Nantucket, meeting residents, and enjoying the incredible land and water that Nantucket has to offer.

Public Works summer intern Ella Warburg


Lydia Silber is a graduate student at Tufts University pursuing a degree in Sustainable Water Management, focusing her studies on the nexus of water, food, and energy. She has gained interest in water in public health and, more specifically, endocrine disruptors. Silber is conducting a practicum with the Town of Nantucket to assess water quality and contamination, and mitigate the risks of PFAS. Her passion for the island and the water concerns that have arisen in recent years, make her particularly dedicated to this practicum’s objectives. She will be working with the Town and the community to establish next steps in exposure reduction and will support future plans for breaking the PFAS Cycle on the island.

PFAS intern Lydia Silber
Our Island Home backyard

Our Island Home

Volunteer at Our Island Home

At Our Island Home, we are elated to announce the reintroduction of our Volunteer program and the Nantucket Wheelers after a long and unusual past year.

Our group of volunteers is a crew of Nantucket community members with a passion for helping others and a vested interest in our resident population, and our volunteer shifts are filled with fun activities such as games of distance bingo, group trivia, supervised outside time, arts and crafts, spending one-on-one time with residents, and so much more. For information about criteria for volunteering at OIH and to receive volunteer application paperwork, please contact the OIH Activities Director at (508) 228-0462 x 7406 or arowell@nantucket-ma.gov. We would love to have you join our team! Please note that OIH cannot accept ‘drop by’ volunteers at this time.

Nantucket Wheelers Program

The Nantucket Wheelers is an incredible program that permits Our Island Home residents to go on bike-ride outings throughout the community with trained volunteers, who use special equipment that accommodates wheelchairs. Nantucket Wheelers has been greatly enjoyed in years' past, and we're excited to reintroduce this remarkable program to our residents once again this summer. Some modifications will be made to the program to ensure protection of residents' health and safety from COVID-19 while they are interacting with volunteers out in the community for their bike rides.

After a year full of an abundance of caution and safety measures to protect the health of OIH residents, the resumption of these programs is an amazing step toward the much brighter days that lay ahead. The team at OIH greatly appreciates the on-going support from the Nantucket community, and we hope to see you this summer!

Saltmarsh Senior Center News

The Saltmarsh Senior Center opened its doors to the public on June 1. The summer schedule is packed with fitness classes in the mornings and games in the afternoon you don't want to miss. Visit their website for times and activities to join!

Welcome Back gathering on June 1st!


A Sunday in Tom Nevers: ACK Dominican Softball League Opening Day

On Sunday, June 6, I visited the ACK Dominican Softball League on Opening Day with Park & Recreation Commission Chair Tom Desmond – Thank You for the wonderful welcome and best wishes for the season!

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