Good Life Tour of the Harn

---Medium of Art---

This untitled piece by John Chamberlain was much more impressive in person. Photos can't express the intricate details of the acrylic paint on the piece or how large the piece actually is. The piece is made of industrial-weight aluminum foil and is prayed with resin and auto lacquer. Chamberlain is known for using car parts in his work and this abstract piece represents Chamberlain's style very well.

---Design of Museum---

It's not an exhibit or wing of the museum but I really liked the small gardens that are located within and next to the museum. The large windows shine in natural light and the gardens are designed in a very peaceful manner that adds to the ambiance of the museum. While visiting the museum, I sat down and just enjoyed the quiet and natural light of the garden for a few minutes. There is also a garden outside of the museum right next to the Asian pieces that was also peaceful and relaxing to walk through.

One of the small gardens within the museum
The garden right outside the museum

---Art and Core Values---

This piece is part of a collection called "Los Disparates" by Francisco Goya. Disparates translates to follies and this piece shows the folly of fear. The piece appeals to one of my core values of being courageous and unafraid. The men in the piece are scared of death which is something I think people shouldn't be scared of. Death is a natural part of life and shouldn't be feared but accepted.

---Art and the Good Life---

This piece is by Eugene Delacroix and shows the demon from the story of Faust, a man who sells his soul to the devil for worldly pleasures. This represents the struggle for the Good Life and how some people choose dangerous or evil paths to try and achieve this goal.

Mephistopheles in the Skies by Delacroix

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