Jennifer Kunkle 3305: Final Portfolio

When coming into Writing as Information Design, I had expected something quite different. More focused one word and language. I really hadn't touched Illustrator, Indesign or many of the other programs i got the chance to use in this class. It was a strong growing experience for me and I'm glad i got the opportunity. With many of the projects i created in this class in this class. One thing i noticed i used a lot within some of my projects was repetition of a idea in different forms. I also liked to play with the white or blank space. As well as play with the text and color.

Logo Project.

I was trying to create a personal logo for possible use on future projects. I used the original image because of my connection to the image. I like the way that the the white space was used to create the image of the wolf. The lines coming off it almost becoming a fire representing the idea of passion. Giving it a idea of night even though the background is white. Why the flare moon is fitting. I tried to use a repetition of ideas with the wolf in both word and white space. The flare becomes a moon creating a eye for the wolf in the white space, while repeating the idea of a wolf howling. I question my choice though in not balancing the alignment, by not adding something on the right side to counter the flare. Though i still like how the words are ringed around the outside. I had set the word creation purposely in the flare moon to give it more context.

Resume 1

When i was making this resume i remember thinking i wanted 3 contrasting colors. I always liked the combination of red, white and black. I used the black bars to stand out against the white background. It separated the profile from the rest of the information, while making the resume feel like it had less white or blank space. While the text seems a little ordinary being left in black on the rest to not have it have to much of a flash to it and clashing to much. The bars for the profile adding a bit of style to.

Resume 2

This one i wanted to do something a little more fun with. The beehiveish pattern had to be made using a bunch of hexagons placed carefully. It takes up white space, while still being a creative design. I had originally wanted to go with the black, white, and red coloring but choose, blue for the primary due to its more calmer color. White text to pop. I repeated the hexagons up top to separate the profile information from the other information. It needs a slight bit of alignment work. If i were to edit it, i would put the floating hexagons up top with the name being slightly over the actual resume information.

Infograph Project

When i picked out the game data. i decided to use a Nintendo theme. Nintendo is one of the first systems most people remember even if there were a few other before it. I used the red, grey and black tones from the picture to repeat the idea. The image on both sides of the words video game, are both video games. The right though is a image of nintendo characters, repeating both the idea of the Nintendo but also the bigger idea of Video games. The orange and blue were supposed to contrast more against the red and black text.


While this class may not have been what i expected i'm glad i got the opportunity to take the class. It made me focus more on the elements i'm using in creation even if im not good at explaining it. I have started to think about why i am picking colors, alignments, and things i am selecting. Repeating the idea in different forms throughout the paper. I think the best explanation i gave of elements was not from my own work but in explaining the elements in presentation number two where we had to describe a infographic. It has also made me appreciate the work it takes to learn the tools people use to create these kind of projects. Each project brought new challenges which made me try to find creative ways to do what i want. Learning more about what looked good as alignment in my mind, as well as playing with types of alignments. Colors were fun but i still have my favorites for contrasts. Playing with fonts and even getting the chance to create one are all important experiences that i hope to use to grow from.

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