WHO WE ARE Using golf as the vehicle to change lives and make a difference for those who answered the call

Our Organization

The mission of the John Daly and Major Ed "Heart of a Lion" Foundation is to provide mental, physical, and wellness support to our nation’s children, first responders and America’s Veterans.

JDME Leaders

JDME supports St. Judes Children’s Hospital and Boys and Girls of America by providing financial support to them from events where John Daly participates.

We support our active service members, Veterans and their families by providing information, referral services, VA compensation, education and benefits support. We provide funding to Veterans organizations and connect Veterans to those organizations.


TIU4ALL is our new foundation that will provide assistance and instruction to adaptive golfers of all ages, at risk youth, veterans in need of direction, and first responders from all walks of life, by using golf as the vehicle for rehabilitation and realization of the life values that golf provides. We sponsor three national adaptive golf events which benefit wounded warriors, adaptive youth, and at risk youth programs in their respective regions.


The Magic of St. Andrews

Using the magic of St. Andrews and the game of golf to motivate and inspire ill and injured veterans to improved health, well-being and stability. We look to provide 3 key components​:

An atmosphere conducive to veteran to veteran exchange.​

Adaptive Heroes

Great Golf.

The Home of Golf

A safe environment.​

The success we strive for comes from veteran to veteran exchange. It is made clear to all veterans on arrival that this is their week, it is what they make of it. We talk briefly about the efforts and donations made by many people and aside from proper behaviour, we ask them to have a great time. The veterans are given around 2 – 3 hours per day, away from the golf course to share experiences.​

The Motivate and Inspire starts long before the veterans arrive in Scotland. At some point 4 – 9 months out they know they are coming to St Andrews. They know they will be playing The Old Course at St Andrews. The veterans also play; Crail Balcomie and Craighead, The Dukes, Machrihanish, The Fairmont, The New Course, The Castle Course, The Jubilee Course. In past years the veterans have also experienced Kingsbarns, Castle Stewart and Lundin Links.​

18 at the Olde Course

It is important to secure accommodations that are safe, secure and exclusive. Since the programme began this has been achieved while the veterans have been in St Andrews. St Andrews itself is a safe and calming environment, quiet and not at all cosmopolitan. Machrihanish is very similar, numerous veterans have talked about their time on the Kintyre peninsula as a highlight.​


The University of Arizona Adaptive Sports program has selected TIU4ALL to run the Adaptive Golf program at UArizona. UArizona has the largest adaptive sports program in the nation today. TIU4ALL established the golf program at UArizona in 2019 and has grown the team from the initial three members to seven current members with four on scholastic scholarships. It is our intent to additionally establish adaptive golf programs at University of Michigan, Michigan State, Texas Arlington, and Alabama over the course of the next year. Our ultimate goal will be to create a national adaptive golf conference in which we can compete, not unlike NCAA golf.


Darren McBurnett "McB"

We have a soft spot and a healthy respect for military, first responders, and the family members who stand beside them. These are the people who run toward danger, toward the crisis, toward those who need help. Our focus is on raising awareness, increasing community support, and finding ways we can assist those who answer the call, keep us safe, and provide us the freedoms we enjoy. https://www.uncommongritfoundation.org

Who we are


President McB is the frontman of the foundation, drawing on his experience as a Navy SEAL, along with his network of connections through fundraising and public speaking, to spread awareness and bring new support to Uncommon Grit Foundation. Learn more about McB at dmcburnett.com.

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Founders Ted Simons and Seth Glasco

The Patriot Golf Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting military veterans and their families through its fundraising efforts and mentoring programs. With the Patriot Golf Schools as our delivery mechanism, we bring together individuals and business leaders and team them with deserving veterans for a very special golf experience.

Former President GW Bush and wife

The Foundation works with select qualified veteran charities to share proceeds and overall experience.


Our Founding Members

Under the banner, Invisible Shield, we have formed a strategic alliance to provide increased support and exposure to the critical causes that match with their missions. The Heart of a Lion, John Daly – Major Ed Foundation, the Patriot Golf Foundation, the Uncommon Grit Foundation, and TIU4ALL comprise the founding organizations of Invisible Shield.

“Invisible Shield is based on the definition of invisible as ‘someone or something that cannot be seen’, and shield as ‘one that protects or defends’”, states Chick Linski, President of the John Daly – Major Ed Foundation and one of the drivers behind this collaborative effort. “The term ‘Invisible Shield’ was coined during a conversation with Darren McBurnett, US Navy SEAL (Ret), leader of the Uncommon Grit Foundation. We feel that we are providing the recipients of our missions with a sense of protection from their personal challenges by providing valuable resources, support, and opportunities. Each of the foundations involved want our benefactors to be the focal point of our efforts, not the organizations per se.”

The Quest for the Shield is a golf tournament series being hosted by TIU Tour Productions, The Invisible Shield and its affiliated golf based foundations (“The Invisible Shield” or “Shield”). The Invisible Shield is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of adaptive golfers, juniors in need, and wounded/able Military Veterans and First Responders. The Invisible Shield is raising funds, donating dollars, resources and time to the recipient members physical, mental, and emotional health.

The 2020-2021 series will be limited to North America but will expand going forward depending on any international travel restrictions that may be in place. This event is open to disabled and abled golfers everywhere. The first year’s championships will be a 36 hole event expanding to 54 holes starting in year two. Las Vegas will be location for the first year's event.


TIU4ALL, (702) 290-4266, jon@tiu4all.org

Uncommon Grit Foundation, (317) 441-7445, bearpaw@uncommongritfoundation.org

Maj Ed/John Daly Foundation, (904) 607-6456, chick@jdme.org

The Patriot Foundation, (435) 640-0839, tsimons@patriotgolffoundation.com

St Andrews Legacy Foundation, (972) 670-7367, ehatch@solorider.com

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