Policy Expectations EDFE3200C Content into Practice

LEARNING GOAL: We are learning about policy (what they really are)

LEARNING GOAL: We are learning about pedagogy (specifically co-constructing success criteria)

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for connection of policies and education (ideally created collaborative with discussion and reflection)

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for insightful analysis of pedagogy (specifically of co-constructing success criteria with students)

SUCCESS CRITERIA: I'm looking for critical thinking, demonstrated through conversations, posts and products

Consider a policy that is likely familiar... speed limits.

Your task was to read two policy documents and comment on them on the Moodle on or before Tuesday. You were also supposed to comment on each other's posts before class.

Choose 1 policy to analyze in detail:

  • Who are the main policy actors? What has been the relationship between provincial, education actors and other actors?
  • How is this policy related to other policies?
  • How do new ideas interact with policy and its actors?
  • What are the predominant discourses? Are there competing discourses?
  • How did these discourses come to be predominant? What discourses have been silenced or marginalized?
  • What interpretations of the past have been valorized? How do these influence current discourses? How do competing interpretations of the past help to problematize the present?
  • How might comparing the way the policy is taken up in different communities help us understand its limits and opportunities?

- Adapted from Joshee and Johnson, 2005

Create a policy guideline for your reference - Google Doc

For next week, skim and respond in Moodle to this

And this... you can log in for the full article with your York U info

and either of these

Time for Group Work

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