Different Island Living LIFE on the non tropical islands

Not all islands are tropical destinations. Not all the places in this short essay are islands either; some are peninsulas. The title is catchier that way. As I write I am currently in a Boeing 777 waiting to taxi down the runway on small hop from Fukuoka to Tokyo, Japan. To pass the times I sit and reminisce the joy of living on this side of the world. Each of the thousands of nations on this wonderous side of the earth consist of a billion little islands,. More than most would want to count. I actually live close to a place called 99 islands but that's where the people decided to give up counting. These islands are full of rich history. Some even have a culture blend that you can't find anywhere else. My favorite of these islands in particular, Japan, is my favorite for the simple reasons that crime is almost non-existent, food is weird, and people will be polite to you even if they don't like you. That's where I will begin.

"Fishers Market Parking" 120 Fujifilm Velvia Film 1/8 sec f./16

Starting with the picture. This is located a few blocks away from my apartment. The area is fairly modern across the street from the local mall. Just a few steps away from the mall is the fishing market. A classic style fresh of the boat market where you can grab the catch of the day. It still sits outside in a flea market style setting. The best part about it is the Japanese are very keen on fresh food. The price of the fish drops as the day goes on. A small shack for checking in and out for the fishing vessels is in the background. This is the first aspect about not only Japan but of the islands as a wholes the mixture of old a new clash in a beautiful ballet of not a different side of the tracks but a cohesive bond of coexistents.

Ferry Terminal

This is the opposite side of the port where a modern mall has a ferry terminal.

The Modern Side of Things Fujifilm XT-10 1/500 sec f/16

You can get a certain since from certain areas that everything has changed. Singapore is one of those countries where change actually exist. Every piece of this building resembles modern sculpture.

It's just as gorgeous at night

Singapore is a very clean place and strict in doing so. I walked around with the constant fear of getting cained. Looking back I don't think that is a thing really. Everyone is very polite and seem rich in a way most other countries couldn't. You get a since of some of the patrons of this place came from somewhere with shady cons to push over on a taxi cost.

Tagged Hong Kong iPhone 6 Plus

Hong Kong was by far one of the most interesting places I've been in the Far East. Its a gigantic melting pot with tons of European influence. Double decker buses fill the street as if it was London. People have a big city attitude. You are going to get what's given.

Destroy/ Restore Racism IPhone 6 Plus

The thing that made this the most interesting is I had no camera on me except my cell phone. I used it with a set of lenses you can snap on to the phone. The fondness for graffiti is something that was exciting to see. The asian twist to it made for all the better to what was being depicted.

Alter Ego. Fujifilm XT-10 1/8 sec f/2.8 18-55 Fujinon XF OSS Lens

RSingapore, Singapore actually allowed a small gallery of an artist Graffiti to be the staple to the entrance of a museum.

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Hi I'm Cedric a camera and tech geek forever looking to capture a moment or play with something that can capture a moment and make it easier to do. With that being said when I get a lack of creative I turn to my currently growing vintage camera collection. Hope you enjoyed.. more travels to come.

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