Serenity In Nature a walk in the woods

"Travel is a caprice in childhood, a passion in youth, a necessity in manhood, and an elegy in old age" Jose Rizal. Childhood is the probably the most essential and influential phase of a persons life. The type of environment a child is force to mature in greatly affects their perspective on life. Due to the fact my father was and still is an adventurous man, whom loves to hunt wild game, I've grown a strong appreciation for nature. We would go for a walk in the woods to scope out the land to replace the film from his camouflage camera that stood up on a gorgeous Oak tree. Each time I would tire his ears about how fascinated and amazed I was by God's creations. Most people find solace in music, a walk, nice drive, or even shopping. As for me I find solace in nature and adventure.

When I was younger my anger often got me in much trouble. I always blew things out of proportion no matter how small the matter was. I'm not talking about a typical little boy temper tantrum. Just imagine King Kong or Godzilla at five foot six and 125 pounds. Most people would think I'm over dramatic when I share stories about my temper as a little boy, but the truth is I was over dramatic. My father eventually grew old with me and my tantrums, so instead of punishing me he tried to help me find an outlet. We tried basketball because aside from the women I dearly love, basketball is the love of my life. But I couldn't use the sport I love as an outlet because I even threw tantrums when I lost a game or anything pertaining to the sport.

My father is a man of discipline and peace. He saw a lot of himself in me when I was a boy. So he decided to use his outlet with me. There was a day I came home from school extremely upset. I forget what it was that troubled me so bad, but what matters most is my father helped me discover my serenity. He came home from work and called out to me "Alex!" I met him at the bottom of the front stairs where he stood waiting with camouflage apparel from his head to his toes. I could only assume we were going for a walk through the woods. At the time I hated nature due my chronic environmental allergies. I had no choice but to go with him. As we are walking through I saw this gorgeous oak tree. It was so old that the branches broke off from the trunk like lively spaghetti noodles. I had fallen in love. Which is ironic because I am severely allergic to oak trees. I stood there amazed at what sat in front of me. The live oak tree surrounded me with such profound energy. There was like a sudden warmth that covered my body. I had suddenly forgot any and everything that troubled me.

Live oak tree

In my eyes nature is God's way of expression. He puts his affection and love into the art of the earth, which we call nature. Whenever I'm feeling over the edge or just want alone time, I can count on nature. Everyone has an outlet when they need to remove themselves from a stressful or intense circumstance. Well for me it isn't music, a nice drive, a walk or shopping. Just simply the presence of the earth natural existence. There's nothing I'm more grateful for.


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