Organic Dynamic Iyengar Yoga on the front line of Yoga Therapy

This week in Champaign Urbana we’re under the tutelage of the magnificent Lois Steinberg. Lois has been going to Pune since 1983 and has so much knowledge, it’s bursting out of her with every sentence. Jewels of the work are littering our ears, bedecking our brains as Lois’s stories of Guruji, Geeta & Prashant and the students she’s worked with in a myriad of cases. This sounds like flowery language but it is no overstatement to the depth of what we are witnessing and receiving with this practice. Therapeutics are equal parts inspirational, intense and exhausting, but all a delight.

Rope Śirsāsana

The organs are our focus of this year. We have been shown where the organs are in the body and given the pathologies associated with the organs. Learned how the stomach and the brain are intimately connected; you can’t solve any problem until the abdomen is soft. The gut has a greater surface area than the skin. It also has it’s own nervous system, in fact two... one that is to do with peristalsis of the muscular action to squeeze the intestines and nervous system on the inner gut. Both communicate with the brain via the vagus nerve. This has a profound effect on the brain, driving the mood.


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