Social Media Activities Survey created by spencer campbell

I gave an anonymous survey out to a small group of people about their activities on social media as a whole. Here are the results.
What grade are you in?
100% of the people who took the survey are in seventh grade
What is your gender?
77.8% were male and 22.2% were female
What kind of mobile phone or other device(s) do you own?
88.9% own an Apple IPhone, 11.1% own an Android phone, 55.6% own a laptop/computer and 11.1% own another device.
On a scale of 1-5, how often are you on social media?
22.2% are always on, 44.4% are mostly on, 22.2% are often on and 11.1% are rarely on
How do you use social media?
66.7% photo take, 33.3% chat, 66.7% make hilarious videos and 22.2% do other activities
Why do you use social media?
all participants' short answer
What are some of your favorite social media applications?
77.8% use Snapchat, 88.9% use Instagram, 11.1% use Tumblr, 11.1% use Pinterest and 1.11% use some other application
Why do you like those social media apps?
all participants' short answer

The data that I collected from this survey helped me understand some of the things different people do with the technology we have today and all the interactions with other people on the Web.


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