Maggie Dale CSUF Grad and Entertainment Marketing Professional

Hello! My name is Maggie Dale, and I am a recent business/marketing graduate of California State University, Fullerton(CSUF) with extensive experience in social media and entertainment marketing.

While at CSUF I was a student at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, the largest accredited business school on the West Coast. As a marketing concentration, not only did I take marketing specific class, but I completed a plethora of general business courses from Business Analytics, Financial Management, and Intermediate Business Microeconomics. I was also invited to join the Marketing Honors Networking Program, an exclusive program for marketing students with over 3.0 GPA's to network with top businesses in Orange and Los Angeles County. Being part of the program led to other opportunities, like a department-led study where marketing honors students got to complete the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment.

My notable work during my time at CSUF:

My Principles of Marketing class consisted of a semester-long group project of completing a marketing plan for a near-failing business and presenting it at the end of the semester. My group was assigned Office Depot, and our chosen marketing initiative was to eliminate brick & mortar stores and have them transition to a mobile/app-based platform to appeal to college students.

My Marketing Information Technologies class consisted of a writing and collaborating on a written report describing & comparing four tech companies that specialize in social media monitoring and marketing and providing a recommendation on how to improve the brands' services. Individually, I focused on Thryv and created the table for brand comparison.

Example Facebook/Instagram Ad promoting Chick-fil-A's expanded mobile ordering.

My Marketing Research Methods class delve into utilizing Qualtrics and SPSS to grab insights from customers in order to develop a marketing strategy. Starting as a group project, my group (Cool Kids Club) decided we wanted to focus on promotional strategy and focus our survey questions around that. We then decided our research question would be, "How do we improve our promotional strategy to bring new customers to the stores while retaining our current customers?" After closing our survey, we then had to write a supplemental report individually. In my research, I found that the original research was no longer appropriate. The research question should be "What should Chick-fil-A do in regard to promotional strategy in order to bring current customers to their locations more often than they do?" My recommendation was to expand their mobile ordering services and have it linked to the rewards program.

In my last semester at CSUF, I was invited to partake in the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment due to my marketing honors status. The Clifton Strengths Finder is a powerful online assessment tool that helps individuals identify, understand, and maximize their strengths. You can read all about my strengths and what I can provide to your organization by clicking the button below:

LinkedIn Learning (previous Lynda.com) was a tool that was available to all CSUF students, so not only did earn certificates that aligned with my classes, but I utilized my access to learn new skills designed for my internships.

Here are my certificates:

Once I figured out what I wanted to do at CSUF, I sought for internships within the marketing realm.

My first internship was during the summer of 2018 with ERA Real Estate's North Orange County office in Yorba Linda, California as a marketing intern. I primarily focused on running the brands of the top-performing realtors (Darryl & JJ Jones Team) and their sub-page called The Best of OC, a page to highlight the best restaurants, entertainment spaces, and businesses in Orange County. This is where I learned how to manage multiple social media pages and build on my previous photography skills by integrating video for content creation.

Here is some of my work from my internship at ERA Real Estate:

After a summer of gaining experience in a marketing position, I knew I wanted my next internship to be in an industry I really love and could give back to: entertainment. Summer of 2019 led me to Castar; an app for casting directors to find talent, for models and actors to book gigs, and collaborate with likeminded Los Angeles creatives; as a social media marketing intern. It also didn't hurt that the office was located on Hollywood & Vine right across the street from Capital Records. Oh! And its CEO is former NFL running back, Thomas Q. Jones. My summer was full of connecting with talent and casting directors, finding and sorting through gigs to post directly to Castar, social media content creation and marketing, and email marketing.

The summer came to an end, but Castar wasn't done with me yet. They decided to hire me part-time while I finished out my final semester at CSUF and promoted me from an unpaid intern to a paid Social Media Marketing Coordinator. I do a lot of the same duties as I did as intern, but I have since taken the role of creating Castar push notifications for users on iOS devices and sending emails to local casting directors to informing and persuading them to join the Castar Affiliate Program.

Here is some of my work from working with Castar:

Initial email launching the Castar Is... marketing campaign.
Castar's app interface with gigs I've posted.

I appreciate you looking through this page to see my greatest work thus far. As they say, there's no business like show business. That being said, I am looking for entry-level, full-time marketing positions in the entertainment industry. I am a determined worker with the ability to adjust and learn as I go; I believe I could be a great asset to your company. Please do not hesitate to connect and start a conversation with me on LinkedIn.