Tennis by: Maryam

Tennis is a fun and interesting challenging indoor and outdoor sport you and your friend can play in a tennis court.if you're bored and have nothing to play, why don`t you think about playing a sport, tennis. if you need to know how to play and what equipment you need, why don't you read on to find out more about how to play tennis and the equipment you need, and the rules you need to know, then start having fun playing tennis.
Before you play tennis it's important to have the equipment to be able to play. when i didn't have comfortable clothes, it was hard to chase and hit the ball. first the clothing, for girls that play tennis, they wear short sleeves with a short skirt, sneakers and a cap. the boys that play tennis wear shorts, short sleeve shirt, sneakers, and a cap too. you also need multiple balls and a racket one for each player.
How to play
if you want to play tennis you have to learn how to play tennis. you need to know how so you can play correctly so you don`t lose easily. to play you need to be in an indoor or outdoor tennis court with a short net in the middle. then there has to be one person on each side in the back. then each person will need one racket and one person will start with the ball. when you want to serve the ball you can bounce it on the ground then hit the ball when it comes back up or you can throw it in the air and when its coming back down you can hit it. when you hit it, try to make the ball go to the other side. it can only bounce once and it can`t bounce out of the lines or else you lose. all you need to do is keep passing the ball until one of you misses the ball then you restart.
the rules are a very important part of tennis. if you don't know them you will be playing wrong like i have have done before i knew the rules. playing correctly helps me under stand it better. the ball can only bounce once and inside the line. you can run to the back and try to hit the ball in the air. you only get three chances to serve the ball correctly or the person your against gets 1 points. if the ball hits the net and comes back to you the other person gets 1 points. if it hits the net but gets to the other persons side its ok. who ever gets the 4th point is the winner of the game. the first point is 15 then 30 then 40 then the winner.
Since now you know how to play, the equipment you need, and the rules, why don`t you think about practicing a lot and you may even be a champion.


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