House fire inc. Your house will be hot

House Fire Inc. You dont need a normal house because you are special. With this house you will always have the feeling of fear and adrelanine

With the automatic fire system, you dont have to start your fire by yourself. The AI can actually detect if you dont have your adrelanine rush. Example, your water can be mixed with gaz and will be on fire.

You can always have the "Fire Wall" option. With this option, you can manualy put your walls on fire or call the AI to make the fire. Some person are really excited about this option because you can have this on a normal house.

You say "why this house?" Is well the answer is that this house brings a stronger feeling in the family, more trust and mutual help and a much stronger sense of communication between you and your lover and childrens.

House Fire is there for you, come and take a house, you will live better and be healthier

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