The B.N.A. Assignment Made by:Ahmad

The seven years war

Picture of the seven year war
  • A lot of countries involved in it(India,France,Spain,America,Britain)
  • Began in 1756 where the fighting between the french and colonists merged into European wars and ended in 1763
  • India,France and Britain suffered long term financial problems after the war
  • The war changed alot of economic, political and relations with British North America and its colonies
  • all the countries that fought suffered for supremacy
  • the treaty of Paris was crucial to the war
  • This started the American revolution and ended it

War of 1812

  • Began in 1812 and ended in 1815
  • Great Britain,America and Canada mainly fought in this war
  • The napolean wars in Europe raged for 2 decades witch made Britain adopt measures that made America feel weaker
  • It made them think of the way it was before the war
  • Many people that this was a stupid but important war because many resources were lost and many farm land were destroyed.
  • None of the countries gained much from it
  • Lots of food and land was destroyed in British North America as well
  • Many political leaders changed the way they worked after the war
  • America being thought as anti-French after the attack
Picture of the war of 1812

The Quebec Act

  • The act was put into action in 1774
  • The countries involved were Great Britain and British North America
  • Disagreement on taxes and and financial problems triggered the act
  • This gave Great Britain more control over British North America
  • Freedom to American colonies
  • Catholics had free practice to their religion
  • More land to use for British North America
  • was seen as a intolerable act by the colonists
  • caused bitterness to Great Britain
Picture of the act

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