Invention Convention Meets Faber By Carli Ruiz and Jaelee Jordan

On October 28 at Faber Elementary School parents, teachers, and friends gathered for the third grade “Invention Convention”. This annual convention is an event where third graders create items they feel could help them with everyday tasks. Third graders create innovative inventions with the help of family members and friends. The students have weeks to prepare and create their invention as well as provide explanations about their creative inventions. The students worked tirelessly to become the next great inventors.

The event took place from 1pm to 2pm in the Faber lunchroom, giving visitors an hour to walk around and admire the ingenious works of these young students.Teachers and parents all agreed that students worked very hard on the projects and they could undoubtedly be used in the real world. “I think the boys and girls worked extremely hard on their projects,” says Ms.O'Neil. She implied to have much faith in the children that participated in the project.

The students expressed having an extreme amount of fun creating their inventions and presenting them. Students had numerous different inspirations for their projects, earning support from friends and family to create wonderful masterpieces. When asked what his inspiration for his “Stanton’s Copper Cleaning Invention” Howard, a participating third grader, responded “People try and find clean pennies so I made the penny cleaner.” Howard took great pride in his work and was also proud of his job in presenting it.

Other third grade students, such as Nia, Christa, and Giana created extremely original inventions. Nia created moveable night lights that could light up a room at night if one is anxious of the dark. When asked what her inspiration was, Nia said “It was super easy and fun to make and my aunt helped me get the idea.” Her invention was extremely intriguing, made of numerous different colors and exhibited a creative idea.

Christa Ruiz decided to take matters into her own hands, having no help at all and making an extremely colorful desk organizer. “I created the organizer to organize school supplies like pens, pencils, scissors, and crayons.” Christa responds to the question describing how useful the organizer can be.

Giana made Gimbal which was a mechanism, typically consisting of rings pivoted at right angles, for keeping an instrument such as a compass or chronometer horizontal in a moving vessel or aircraft. She explained the it was extremely hard to make but she believes it turned out extremely well. “My dad helped me and I like how it came out because it took a while to make. “We spent one hour everyday for four days to create it,” Giana responds.

The kids worked extremely hard on their inventions and many parents and teachers praised them for doing their absolute best. Third graders did not lack admiration from all who attended.

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