WELLNESS Welcome to the Nine Dimensions


This is a photo of me coming back from the psychiatrist's with new prescriptions to help even out my MDD and BPD. I've always been embarrassed about having to deal with these two mental illnesses, but despite what my family says I'll continue to try doing what's right for my mental health. For me, this is a huge step in actually getting better.


I took this photo back in the woods of Plum Creek. I found this skeleton of a baby deer and I found it so beautiful that it reminded me of how everything dies at some point in life. It's amazing to see how much nature recycles itself.


This is a photo with my friends and one of them is behind the camera. We all tend to get a little restless in Seward sometimes and we love taking Lincoln trips to Hurts Donuts. One time we even drove there at around 10pm for a late night snack since they are open 24/7.


Printmaking. It was a class I took in the fall semester of 2016. Being a graphic design major, I wanted to learn how to create graphic images with traditional materials versus the digital. This class helped me grow as an artist and I continue to practice this method of art.


This image was from Suicide Prevention Week 2016. It was the first of it's kind on campus. Being able to promote and raise awareness for something that effects many people in our age group is so important. It's okay to talk about things like this and we shouldn't be afraid to reach out to others and the community.


I like to longboard. I own a penny board and downhill board. I went to my cousins house one day and she said she wanted to be like me. She asked to ride my board, so I grabbed the smaller one, gave her a helmet and told her to hold my hands. Eventually I let go and she was boarding all on her own.


This photo may not look like much, but I actually just gotten home from work! Our dogs like to greet us at the gate and we have a small Chihuahua whose name is Mojo. Because I can't see him well when I'm driving in the gate, I let him take a short car ride with me while I pull in.


This is a photo of me at work for the yearbook at school. I am employed as a photographer and it's my job to make sure I'm at the events we need to photograph for our deadlines. This is financial wellness to me because I'm trying to work to save money to pay for what few bills I have and scrape away what I can for after college.


LEAF HAT: Always try to be fashionable in nature with a leaf hat. It's the hottest thing to do in today's market. Help recycle old leaves by turning them into hats! Or you can just appreciate nature and leave the leaves alone.

The dimensions of wellness are important to anyone of any age. They can help you grow as a person and even change over time.

Created By
Taylor Rankel


All photos belong to me and were taken by me

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