Soccer From legends to now

PELE from Brazil is the soccer player of history. He played on Brazil's and Santos from Brazil and no other soccer player is better than him.
RONALDINHO is a legendary soccer player, he played with PELE on Brazil and on Barcelona with Messi. He was named best soccer player for a while before Messi
EL PIBE is a legendary soccer player who plays on Colombia is was also named best soccer player for a while
EL TINO ASPRILLA is a legendary soccer player on the team of Colombia who was almost as good as PELE from Brazil and played with EL PIBE on the same team.
Lionel Messi "THE FLEA" is the worlds best soccer and plays on the team of Argentina and Barcelona. People say that he may be better than PELE.
CRISTIANO RONALDO is a famous soccer player who plays on Portugal and REAL MADRID which is the best soccer team ever. People say he is better that Lionel Messi
James Rodriguez is a famous soccer who plays on Colombia and on Real Madrid with Ronaldo. He is a professional and has not won a World Cup, yet.

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