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Anyone I have ever met in this school called Lemont, have been so self concerned. I thought it might just be one of those “growing up” phases, but clearly It never stops! With basketball ending a few weeks ago it was so abrupt and to be honest, i don’t like leaving things. Like yeah, I know I have soccer and all now, but what does that mean if basketball all of a sudden just, ends. That just makes no sense to me, why do i have to leave? That means soccer is starting up, and you know what that means? Cliques. Not everyone can just be together, nope, we are all separated into these little groups of people you talk to in school, or hangout outside of school. Why does everything have to be so cliquey? The popular girls are together, the sportier girls are together, the girls that were in basketball together it's just so goddamn annoying and just doesn’t make sense. Anyway, moving on from that stupid topic. Let’s talk about how much i hate school. What is the point of doing this homework that is completely pointless, like i am going on spring break next week and you are telling me i need to read a chapter of my chemistry book? It seems like a goddamn joke to me. Apparently being 10 seconds late to class is a huge no no as well. Does my 10 seconds of being late really affect the class sir? Is it really necessary to write me a detention, you bastard. Now i would like to tell you about how bipolar my damn coaches are. I was twenty minutes late to the bus on our first game and they were so pissed that i didn’t even play. Okay yeah, i see why they are pissed, i would be too. They actually blamed that loss on me completely. But then they treat me like complete crap for the next week right? Then m coach and i have a meeting and he tells me how i’m the best forward this team has and blah blah blah. And then they have the audacity to tell me i am playing now because the teams we are playing are actually good and they realize that the other forwards are crap and they need me up there. So yeah, it’s a compliment but now they are kissing my ass like complete phonies. Anyways, my week has been going up and down and I've just about had it. So over all of this, i need an escape route before i get too stressed and do some not-so good things.


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