Smallpox Smallpox was a deadly

Smallpox was a virus that was easy to spread, and completely changed history.

The symptoms of smallpox are at first body aches, high fevers, and fatigue. A couple of days later blisters will apear. Then later the blisters will scab over. Finally if the host survived smallpox it would live awful scares and would make it easier to contract other virus.

Smallpox was a deadly virus from when it was first recorded in 1122bc in China to 1980. Smallpox was a world wide virus.

Smallpox was one of the largest factors that helped the Europeans gain control of the Americas.

Smallpox killed about 90% of North and South America population because it was an airborn virus so the natives did not have to come in contact with the Europeans to contract the virus.

Later the Europeans used smallpox as a weapon.

The Europeans used smallpox as a weapon by infecting a towel, blanket or rag and with the virus and then giving it to the natives so that they would get the virus and die.

Smallpox technology has definitely developed since it was first recorded.

They found a vaccine for smallpox in 1796. The last recorded case of smallpox was in 1980, so you have nothing to worry about.

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