My HappyLife-Home

My happylife-home look normal on the outside but in reality, it's actually an underground base, you're going to be really impressed.

Normal house?

In the inside, an advanced technologie is installed to help the humain, or replace them.

Here's a picture of the stair and the principal enter

The light on the ground are always off but there is motion detectore so when someone walk on it, the light is going to turn on!

Here a desk in the principal office of the house

The coolest thing in the house in my opinion is the inside pool with the modern long chair were you can sleep and relax on it. Cool huh? Don't worry, the water isn't going to be cold, you can ajust it to what you want!

Here's my bedroom, the bed allow me to fall a sleep so more faster than in my parent's house. Why? Mainlly because you ear nothing, not even cars outside.

And finally here were all the magic happen, the toilet. Nothing to special, only that modern desing :)

So, don't you like my house? Of course im not selling it but you can buy it for only 2.000.000$

Thanks for watching, hope you're going visit my place one day!

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Keven Ouellet

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