RailPass InfoRailMap Europe 2019

Fall in love with the interrail adventure

Front cover of latest 2019 version.

Discover Europe with Icon, Info and photo illustrated Railway Atlas specifically designed for global Eurail and Interrail Railpass holders

Back cover provides page numbers and legend info

RailPass InfoRailMap is indispensable if you want to make the absolute most from your RailPass

Manchester Piccadilly Station

Immerse yourself in planning where to go. RailPass InfoRailMap enables easy planning

RailPass Inforailmap - interior

Easy to navigate full A4 colour print version covers 31 European countries in addition to Turkey and North Africa.


Brand new for 2019 are icons indicating UNESCO listed sites, significant religious buildings, castles, forts, attractive Medieval towns.


Learn everything you need to know about the European Railway Network. RailPass InfoRailMap makes it easy to identified High speed routes where compulsory reservations and supplements are required (bright orange lines) and where no additional cost is required (purple lines)

Main lines railways (seat reservation usually required in Eastern Europe) - RailMap makes it easy to plan the best routes to the top locations

Sinaia, Romania - the scenic route between Brasov and Bucuresti

Majority of local lines (in most cases no additional seat reservation requirement) for example the majority of the tourist trains in Switzerland require no additional supplements or seat reservations.

Local train heading towards Zermatt - Switzerland - no extra cost on this fantastic route

RailPass InfoRailMap is an indispensable railway travel guide designed by an experienced Interrailer with a passion for creating informative railway maps.

Berlin central station - Germany

Europe is blessed with some of the most remarkable landscape on the entire planet and are super easy to identify with green highlight so you can plan the most interesting and awesome routes.

Easy to navigate layout enable to you navigate to the top locations and extraordinary railway stations.

Li├Ęge train station in belgium - one of the most awesome station buildings on the entire network and not to be missed

Many spreads overlap to enable you to easily navigate your way from one country to another

Discover the best routes to reaching Spain and Portugal from France

Discover Eastern Europe including Romanian scenic routes and boarder connections with Bulgaria and Turkey

Discover all the top location to visit in stunning romania

Substantially updated 2019 edition includes detailed InfoRailMap of spectacular Alpine spanning across the French Alps, northern Italy, western Austria and Slovenia.

The Alpine routes between Switzerland/France and Italy are easily the most scenic and dramatic on the planet and well worth planning carefully so you can experience these amazing routes.

Learn more about all the fantastic dedicated scenic routes with easy to identify legend and make sure you don't waste your precious travel days when visiting countries like Switzerland

Bernina Express, Switzerland

InfoRailMap displays mountain height elevation in meters and icons indicating major ski resorts and super awesome scenery so you know exactly where to focus your attention.

Bernina Express, Switzerland

Detailed RailPass InfoRailMap displays all the major Alpines routes including Italy, Czechia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and France.

Super detailed railPass InfoRailMap

Discover the route of the amazing Swiss Glacier Express ..

The famous clacier express has a unique branded train

.. the unbelievably beautiful Bernina Express between St. Moritz and Tirano ..

The most stunning of all the apline routes is between st moritz and tirano (italian boarder) and is unesco listed heritage - no additional cost to your rail pass .. easily see the route and connections with railpass inforailmap

Brand new for 2019 are icons indicating UNESCO listed sites, significant religious buildings, castles and attractive Medieval towns.

Learn about all the most tourist rich and BEAUTIFUL LOCATIONS to visit - this is st gallen in switzerland

The Swiss Travel pass (unlike Interrail or Eurail) includes the extensive bus network. Detailed RailPass InfoRailMap includes all the major bus routes.

Super double decker trains Germany

RailPass RailMap is all about enabling easy and quick reference navigation around the entire European railway network in an easy to locate (i.e. top tourist destinations) .. easy to understand (easy to identify train types),

Carcassonne - France

Easy to pack away format (i.e. can be easily folded in half) and full colour A4 durable quality paper plus long lasting laminated gloss cover (i.e. large printed folding maps quickly suffer from tearing). The large A4 paperback format enables large spreads which have the look and feel of a folded map with many duplications so you can easily follow the network across the spreads.

All the most popular tourist destination, cities and major towns on the network are highlights in large bold print. All the major network connections, scenic routes, intersections and junctions are easy to follow to enable you to quickly get to your chosen destinations.


New for 2019 is A-Z index of major locations at the back.

RailPass InfoRailMap Europe

Bradford on Avon Station, United Kingdom

Fall in love with the Interrail Adventure

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