Rachel Rossi B7

My dream job is to be a high school teacher. I would teach students math and I would be earning $47,446.
My dream vacation is going to Italy. An amenity that I would use would be the hotels hot tub.
This picture shows good sanitation because they are using a cutting board and no raw meat or poultry is nearby.
We did a steak lab and we learned how to cook steak to the correct temperature and how the temperature affects the meat. We also learned how to use a thermometer to check the temperature inside the steak.
When we made the chicken caesar salad we learned how to not cross contaminate. We also learned how to make homemade croutons, that taste amazing!
The knife cut that are long skinny sticks is called Julienne. The oval-shaped slices of carrot is called Diagonal and the green strings of spinach is called Chiffonade.
For my kitchen I want a mixer. I found it on modern home design and decor. A mixer costs about $189, but it depends on the quality and size of it.
We made cookies for this lab. While making the cookies we were learning about standardized recipes. I also learned how the format of the recipe makes such a big difference.
For this lab we made bruschetta. I learned that beans contain a lot of protein. I also learned how to make bread crispier, especially for a food like bruschetta so that the bread stays firm which helps the toppings stay on.
For this lab we made mummy pizzas. From this lab I learned how to make dough, including spooning in flour and not scooping it. I also learned how to make an egg wash.
The delectable, precious, and exotic fruit, THE MANGO, is one of my favorite fruits. The mango originally came from southern Asia especially Burma and eastern India.
When we made the pizzas we were leaning about vegetables and how they are good for you. I also learned how to make very yummy pizza dough.
From this lab we learned that fruits are good for us and how to slice them and use them. I also learned that you can spread apricot jam to help preserve the fruit.
From the strawberry muffin lab I learned how to use fruit in desserts and how to make a glaze. This lab was more for enjoyment and celebration of Valentines Day, but I still learned how to make a very delicious muffin.
This table setting is a formal setting. A formal setting includes three glasses, multiple utensils, a nicely folded napkin, bread plates, and everything that is necessary are already preset on the table.
I manage stress by taking a long good nap, just like this cat exemplifies.
This was one of the meals created for the last lab. We played Chopped and by using the assigned ingredients they created donuts with a yogurt glaze and pretzel crumble, topped with a whipped cream.
This is a tart-like desert made with a pretzel crust filled with strawberry yogurt and a vanilla cream. Then topped with two delectable canned mandarin oranges with a biscuit with a chocolate spread and a pretzel on top to finish it off. This desert was created during the Chopped lab.
This perfectly cooked pasta with a creamy sauce and nicely sautéed vegetables was made during the final lab of the year. This lab was for fun, but it also taught how to make a nice looking, creative, and tasty entree and desert with limited ingredients.
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