An Eco-Friendly Vibe Aliah Washington

Customers enjoying their food and chilling outside of Planet laughing cafe. Customers like to go outside and enjoy their food so they can get a good breeze. In the summertime, Bloomington have beautiful weather that you just have to go outside and enjoy it.
Unique paintings in the quirky cafe. Manager Marlee stated "the place has a really cool vibe going on." In the Cafe there are a lot of fun art posted on the walls.
Marlee, the manager of Planet Cafe, said that she found this place from a friend and decided to work here because the environment was welcoming and relaxing. Marlee also said that the food was good and fresh. She stated that the cafe is just a fun place to be at.
Customers waiting for their food and chatting. In planet laughing cafe, the customers orders get served to them at their table. The cafe is a place that you can just sit and talk to a friend
A funny guide on how to eat a burrito. Pictures like this makes Planet cafe more unique than other Cafes in Bloomington. The place is called Planet laughing cafe because it has character.
A reminder for customers when entering planet laughing cafe. The place is all about helping the environment and taking care of it.
The menu at Planet Laughing cafe. Customers love to order their burritos and bowls. There are a lot of options for people who are vegan so its welcoming to Vegan people.

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