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The kids that go to Lemont are so phony. I just want to go back to River Valley- I don’t wanna grow up- Anyways, I've been in and out of 4 damn high schools and these people are by far the phoniest people I've ever met. Don't even get me started on the old teachers. I can’t and won’t take their crap anymore!! I’m sick of it for Chrissake. I refuse to do any work anymore. Maybe that’s why I got kicked out. I just need is a scotch and soda to get me through the day. All day I just stare out the window and watch the ducks fly by. I wonder where they go in the winter time. I mean like it gets pretty cold here. Do they go south or does someone come take them away in a truck or something. I don’t know. Another reason why I hate Lemont is that my roommate is a bastard!! I mean I’ve known this girl Jane for a while- we used to be neighbors- but all the time we used to play checkers. But now my roommate is necking with her. As soon as I heard I punched that son of a bitch right in the throat. So you wanna know what I did? I put my old hunting hat and left. I packed up all my stuff and I left. I got the hell out of there. To be honest I had no idea where I was gonna go. I decided I was gonna go to Cincinnati till I decide to go home.


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