Trench Warfare Survival Guide By Bryan b.

five things you need in trench warfare are your rifle, steel helmet, entrenching tool, gas mask and chain of medical services


you could use the rifle to attack enemies. To protect in case enemy got to trench. To kill rats

Steel Helmet

Reduced head injuries by 75%. Increased protection from shrapnel. To protect their heads.

entrenching tool

Could be used in hand-to-hand combat. Used to dig trenches. Used by people not officially in the army.

early gas masks were cotton soaked in chemicals. The “tube” helmet was eventually replaced by the small box respirator mask. small box respirator mask was the most effective gas mask

Went to Regimental Aid Post first. .Casualties needing further treatment were sent to a Casualty Clearing Station. If they needed further treatment they were sent to a Base Hospital behind the trenches.

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