Player By grace lehman

She was the best of the best even in her youth said the untied dirty cleats together,

She outplayed the played says the on on her left,

She outslayed the slayed says the one on her right

She outwit the did and out did the wit said the pair of shin guards scratched from overuse, sitting by the cleats, waiting and knowing they wont be used again

Soon though she started to get bigger, older, wiser says the shirt ripped from getting to small

She started playing for a reason said the trophies sitting against the wall ready to collapse

Instead of kicking like the first, she starting kicking like it was the last says the overly flat torn ball in a ditch by the road

But when she did it she would always go with style says the soccer bow sitting on the bed waiting to be used again

Then we never saw her again say the white soccer goals rusted from abandonment

Some say she fell and couldn't get up said the right goal

Some say she grew old says the left goal hidden behind a tree

No one else came onto the field once she left says the overgrown unwatered grass

No one really knew why she left or why all the others left says the bulldozer renewing the land for an apartment

But we all know 1 thing says the objects all together... she's never coming back

Created By
Grace Lehman

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