rugby its pretty much football by Gage Benton

Following the 1895 rugby football, the two forms rugby league and rugby union differed in administration only. Soon the rules of rugby leagues were modified, resulting in two distinctly different forms of rugby. After 100 years, in 1995 rugby union joined rugby league and most other forms of football as an openly professional sport.

rugby is like football only more dangerous there are no pads and there are baerly and penalties so no matter what your gonna get hurt in this sport they call rugby and orginated from the Greeks and the romans

the photos above show the injures in the sport they call rugby these injurys happen in most of every game to just a concussion to 22 staples in your head or a rolled ankle to a broken one its very i repeat very dangerous to play this sport

there is a woman's league in rugby and its rough like these girls are all over the place pulling hair and stuff

In 1871, English clubs met to form the Rugby Football Union . In 1892, after charges of professionalism (compensation of team members) were made against some clubs for paying players for missing work, the Northern Rugby Football Union, usually called the Northern Union , was formed.The existing rugby union authorities responded by issuing sanctions against the clubs, players, and officials involved in the new organization. After the schism, the separate clubs were named rugby league and rugby union.

A rugby ball, originally called a quanco, is a diamond shape ball used for easier passing. Richard Lindon and Bernardo Solano started making balls for Rugby school out of hand stitched, four-panel, leather casings and pigs’ bladders. The rugby ball's distinctive shape is supposedly due to the pig’s bladder, although early balls were more plumb-shape than oval. The balls varied in size in the beginning depending upon how large the pig’s bladder was.

the games are worth alot to the players though only the difference i can really see from rugby to football is the championship games like NFL but that is national in rugby the have super bowls but they also have world cups for rugby that many country's participate

The Rugby World Cup, which was first held in New Zealand and Australia in 1987, occurs every four years. It is an international tournament organized by World Rugby. The event is played in the union format and features the top 20 teams from around the world.The current world champions are New Zealand, who won the 2015 Rugby World Cup, which was played in England

The main differences between the two games, besides league having teams of 13 players and union of 15, involve the tackle and its aftermath:

Union players contest possession following the tackle: depending on the situation, either a ruck or a maul can occur. League players may not contest possession after making a tackle: play is continued with a play-the-ball.In league, if the team in possession fails to score before a set of six tackles, it surrenders possession. Union has no six-tackle rule; a team can keep the ball for an unlimited number of tackles before scoring as long as it maintains possession and does not commit an offence.

Set pieces of the union code include the "scrum", in which packs of opposing players push against each other for possession, and the "line-out", in which parallel lines of players from each team, arranged perpendicular to the touch-line, attempt to catch the ball thrown from touch. A rule has been added to line-outs which allows the jumper to be pulled down once a players's feet are on the ground.In the league code, the scrum still exists, but with greatly reduced importance as it involves fewer players and is rarely contested. Set pieces are generally started from the play-the-ball situation. Many of the rugby league positions have similar names and requirements to rugby union positions, but there are no flankers in rugby league.

in the end rugby is a great sport and i think people should play it safe and pay it well

the end by gage benton

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