Severe Storms Produced via Zach Bybee


Thunderstorms are the results of unstable and warm air and usually occur on flat landscapes. There are 3 stages in forming a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm is a storm that includes lightning, thunder and precipitation. These storms are very common throughout the world.

1. The Cumulus Stage | Warm air rises upward and the cloud grows bigger
2. The Mature Stage | The cloud is at its peak performance and it starts raining
3. The Dissipating Stage | The thunderstorm cools down and slowly dies


Tornadoes start out as thunderstorms but with a twist. They are violent wind storms and occur mostly in the Summer ( April - June ). Tornadoes usually form from cumulonimbus clouds as rotating clouds of air. They co-exist with thunderstorms sometimes. Tornadoes have 3 stages to them as well.

1. | A cumulonimbus cloud is the key to a tornado and a thunderstorm
2. | Warm air begins to rotate and a vortex is created (called a mesocyclone)
3. | The vortex picks up speed and touches the ground, becoming a tornado


A hurricane has many names, cyclones, typhoons, it doesn't matter. Hurricanes are very dangerous with high wind speeds and storm surges. These severe storms get their power from the water and when they tread upon land, they bring floods and death. Thankfully the U.S. only gets about 5 per year. The formation of hurricanes have about 5 stages.

1. | Hurricanes depend on warm and wet air, so they usually form in the Tropics
2. | Hurricanes usually start off as numerous tropical thunderstorms
3.| The warm air then begins moving into the center of the hurricane
4. | The clouds in the center form the Eye Wall
5. | Clouds rise and the ring expands, creating a hurricane

But in the end, every kingdom must fall and every storm must die

And I suffice

Created By
Zach Bybee


Created with images by tobbey - "Thunderstorm" • Pexels - "adventure balloon flight" • Paul Albertella - "Rain" • jimbohne - "An der schönen grünen Donau #vienna" • Unsplash - "dramatic cloud sky" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0349" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0232" • D-Stanley - "Neds Beach" • Georgio - "Stormy Sky" • janeb13 - "tropical cyclone catarina march 26th 2004 cyclone" • skeeze - "typhoon eye close up" • skeeze - "hurricane frances international space station"

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