5 Celebrations in the English world. (A lot of them in the calendar !)

In every country in the world, people have important moments and dates to remember and to celebrate. Do you remember the two moments (and dates) on the photos ?

And of course, people in the English-speaking world celebrate similar dates in the calendar as we do:

Now, 3 more important dates in the calendar of the English-speaking world !

The Notting Hill Carnival (London)

The Notting Hill Carnival started in 1966. It takes place in August, every two days. More than one million people come and watch it every year ! Many people from the Barbados, Jamaica or Trinidad participate in the Notting Hill Carnival, because their parents moved to London in the 1950s and 1960s. If you go to this carnival, you will have beautiful floats with fantastic decorations, music bands and a great atmosphere !

Saint Patrick's Day (Ireland and the USA).

Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. He brought christianity to Ireland. Saint Patrick died on 17th, March. So, the Irish people celebrate their Saint Patron on this date !

Martin Luther King's Day (USA)

Martin Luther King's Day is on the 3rd Monday in January. Martin Luther King was a Black person who didn't accept inequality for Black people in the USA. He fought for justice between Blacks and Whites. He was murdered. The Americans remember this great man every year.

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