Hiking the Austrian Alps (Zugspitz Arena Circuit - Day 1)

We departed Ehrwald on a dull overcast day, but spirits were high in anticipation of some hopefully stunning scenery! We decided not to check the weather forecast, as being in the mountains, the weather is likely to change anyway!

Overall the day was relatively easy, although we still managed to ascend over 730m. The lake along the way made a terrific picnic spot but also popular with all the locals out on day walks.

Our first mountain hut was a test for our comfort zone! Not only was it full, but initially we felt very isolated not understanding anything spoken with the assumption that everyone speaks German! Luckily we were saved by a young 30 something couple (Julia and Andreas) who had walked in from the direction we were heading tomorrow and had stayed at the hut the previous night that we would be staying the next, so we got lots of good tips on both the track and the local food and drink. We were told not to miss trying out the Raddler beer (roll the “r”) at the next hut as it is the best they have tasted! But to also tryout Kaiserschmarrn, which is like shredded pancakes with a fruit sauce topping...

During the evening the cloud cover lifted... hoping for good weather tomorrow!

Outside our Hotel in Ehrwald on our departure
Stairs up to our attic room
6 people in an attic room, 3 in a line per side! Cosy!

Stroll before dinner

Zugspitz Mountain with last rays of sunlight
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Stephen Mathieson

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