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Fall Membership Meeting, Lead from the Back, Tour de Red Rose Prize Winners, Safety Corner, Trail Ride Photos, Out of Town Riders, Advocacy Page Announcement, Highway Cleanup, E-Bike Position Statement, New Nominating Committee, and October 2019 Ride Schedule

Fall Membership Meeting to FEature Daniel de Vise

Author of

The Comeback: Greg LeMond, the True King of American Cycling, and a Legendary Tour de France

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Lead From the Back:

Meet Dave:

A Brief Biography

by Dave Stauffer

LBC Members and Friends:

Who is Dave Stauffer? Some members know me well while newer members may know little about me, so I am opting to share a brief biography of me.

My Background

I was born in Phoenix, AZ. My parents moved there for the dry climate that was better for the severe arthritis my father developed after a tractor accident when he was 15. Eventually, my family returned to this area in 1972 to be closer to family. Soon after that, I lost my father, and was then raised by my mother along with my three brothers and three sisters.

Currently, I am the Director of Supply Chain at AFP in New Holland. I have been working at AFP for almost 40 years and began when my friend’s dad was the plant manager. I started at 16 by sweeping floors and completing manual labor tasks. I moved into “ordering and expediting” at 18 and grew with the organization for the next 38 years. AFP put me through college, paid for houses, put my children through private school and college, supported my hobbies of skiing and cycling, paid for vacations, and, in return, I have given them many committed hours of work.

My mother did not have the money or the know-how to direct me towards college. Fortunately, the president of “Major Smith”, the company name at that time, took me to Reading Area Community College (RACC) during the summer of 1982 to be sure that I was enrolled for the fall semester. I graduated from RACC after four years with a 2-year degree in accounting. Figure that one out. I was either slow or got ripped off. I went on to Elizabethtown College and graduated with my BS in Business Administration after a total of 11 years in higher education.

My Family

I met my wife, Susan, at RACC. We were married in 1986, and were blessed with our children, Dalton and Jillana, and now Dalton’s wife, Sheena. Dalton and Sheena live in Ephrata; Jillana lives in Washington, DC.

Susan scaled back on working as our kids became involved in activities. As the kids grew older and needed less of our time and attention, she became involved in search and rescue. She trained and certified Tess, our Redbone Coonhound, for tracking lost persons. Tess was retired from Search and Rescue due to hip dysplasia, but Susan continues as the team as Chief, helping with searches and training.

My Cycling Life

Some wonder “How did I get into cycling?” especially since I once said I would never wear Spandex.

My explanation begins with knowing that I took up skiing at a young age. Since my job often sent me to the West, I had the opportunity to ski more frequently and develop into an advanced skier. However, my lungs and legs could not keep up with the west coast terrain and altitude, so I needed some form of physical fitness throughout the year to allow me to enjoy the skiing. At that time, I despised any other form of exercise, and, instead of being fit, I was stressed out, getting old and fat. Eventually, I agreed to take up cycling and I started riding in 2010. I immediately gained the leg muscle and aerobic fitness I needed to ski day after day in the higher altitudes without limit.

My first bike was a vintage specialized Allez that was slightly big for me. After a year of riding, I bought the 2010 Wilier Izoard that I am still riding. I am amazed how I can improve incrementally each year. Though I have had some setbacks, those helped me learn to be a better rider and to set goals even if I do not achieve them. My highest mileage year was 8800 miles. Staying challenged is important to me, and y current goal is to cycle 8000 miles in a year. To accomplish this number, I ride 100 miles per week in the winter, 150 miles per week in the spring and fall, and 200 miles per week in the summer. This adds to 7800 miles which means I must pick up a few extra miles during the summer. By commuting to work, I’ve readily completed these needed miles on a more consistent basis without sacrificing more time away from Susan.

My riding ability can be characterized by intense effort but not much natural ability. I must keep cycling consistently in order to maintain pace with a group. An added challenge is that I often eat back most of the weight that I loose. Still, I have been successful during the July thru September months at achieving an acceptable level of ability and weight.

I love epic rides. I have done The Nightmare Ride twice which covers the perimeter of Lancaster County - 178 miles and 16000 feet of climbing. Also, I rode 1126 miles in ten days to Orlando, Fl with three other riders and a SAG. This year I completed a double century all-night ride.

I love riding hard and do not care if I am dropped. I love riding easy with my wife or just visiting with other club members. I love to serve you. I hate to disappoint. I am hard on myself with expectations that may not be met.

Riding is therapy. I am running from a family history of instability. Riding saves me a lot of money on counseling and medication.

See you on the road.

Cyclists Celebrate Tour de Red Rose Achievements

LBC president, Dave Stauffer, announces the start of the Tour de Red Rose recognition awards.

LBC ride coordinator, Rich Brown, names the individual recipients of prizes awarded after the TdRR.

Helen Long responds to her recognition as a TdRR jersey recipient.

LBC member, Cynthia Specht, displays the full jersey she earned by completing the top prize stage for the 2019 TdRR.

LBC member, Chris Dubin,accepts the jersey she earned for completing 19 to 20 rides in the Tour de Red Rose.

LBC member, Susan Ammons, happily shows off her hard-earned TdRR jersey.

LBC member, Gary Musser, displays the unique design of the TdRR t-shirt he earned during the 2019 ride event.

Ride Heros Recognized

LBC Ride Heros for the second quarter were recognized at the club's picnic held in September. Congratulations and thanks to these members for leading and/or sweeping ten rides:Sharon Cargil, Richard Connor, Chris Dubin, Jeanette Fitzgerald, Judy Flowers, Helen Long, Kathy Markley, Michelle Martzall, Frani Moore, Lynn Pfeil, Tony Pugliese, and Rick Rimert

Safety Corner:


by John Mullineaux

Welcome to Our Newest LBC Members

Trail Rides FEature Floral, Fauna, and Fun

Featured above are riders who checked out small and large spaces while cycling on the Abandoned Turnpike Ride on August 31.
The above collection of wildlife, and one cyclist, showcase some of the natural beauty encountered when members rode the Heritage Trail that begins in York. Photos are courtesy of Kyle Dunbar.
These members enjoyed an evening view of the Susquehanna River when they rode the Columbia River Trail on September 89.

Trail Rides to Continue on Monday Evenings

More Bike Racks Installed in lancaster City

To the right is a rack installed outside the The Literacy Council of Lancaster-Lebanon located at 407 Lafayette Street in Lancaster.

Above is a new rack installed outside St. Joseph Catholic Church located at 440 St Joseph Street in Lancaster.
Above is a new rack placed outside Alpha & Omega Ministries at 708 Wabank Street in Lancaster.

Bring a Friend Ride in October

Visiting Cyclists Appreciate the Rides and Roads of Lancaster

Featured in this photo are Gary Stoiber and his family and friends who visited Lancaster in September to cycle the Covered Bridge route and other rides as recommended by LBC member Diane Falkowski.

Advocate for Cyclists

LCB Promotes Action with New Page on Club Site

New to the LBC website is the Advocacy Page which hosts resources and contact information for local area and government authorities who can provide information and/or respond to questions in regard to cycling advocacy and safety. The page is located beneath the "About" tab.

LBC HIghway Cleanup Completed for the Fall

Six members of LBC assisted with the Fall Highway Cleanup event held September 28. The groups split into two teams to walk either the east or west sections of Route 462, while starting at the intersection of Centerville Road and Columbia Avenue.

Before the trash- grabbing began, the participants enjoyed breakfast at the Centerville Diner, courtesy of LBC; after the event, some members proceeded to join a club ride scheduled for that Saturday.


Please welcome our newest members to the Lancaster Bike Club: JoAnn Canosa, Roddy Canosa, Geniene Leanza, Wendy Moskowitz, Kit Oslin, Gary Samberg, and David Wallett

LBC Board Announces E-Bike Position Statement

New Nominations Committee Named

Membership Application

Ride Schedule for October 2019


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