WeeHouse dream Small

The "X-House" is a weeHouse model designed by Geoff Warner at Alchemy Architects.

Two bedrooms, one bath, 850 square feet, and miles of gorgeous views.

Drone footage taken during the late stages of construction in the summer of 2016.

By the spring of 2017, after the rainy winter season, the Corten steel on the exterior of the house was still only in the early stages of the rusting process.
Custom wood crib designed and built by Don (Sr.) and Don (Jr.) Ferranti and their crew
Upper level view
Fire pit by Jeremiah Albrecht of VUUR Design in Minneapolis

By summer of 2017, just a few months after the previous photographs were taken, we decided to get out the garden hose and spray the house down to try to even out the finish and complete the rusting. Voila!

Later in the summer of 2017, we added chairs from Loll Designs in Minnesota for the ground level deck.

produced by Lucy Mathews Heegaard at Studio-Lu

Created By
Lucy Mathews Heegaard


All images taken by Lucy Mathews Heegaard ©2017. Drone video footage by Kip Heegaard ©2017, edited by Lucy. Music in video by Before Home: Reed Fischer, Aaron White, Sid Gopinath.