Dreams Final project 2016

Universal dream: Not all your dreams come true

Of Mice And Men


The Necklace
'Haven't you any more?' 'Why ,yes. Look I don't know what you like.' 'All of a sudden she discovered, in a black satin box, a superb necklace of diamonds; and her heart begun to be with them and moderate desire. Her hands tremble to as she took it. She fasten it around her throat, outside her high necklace stress, and remain lost in ecstasy at the site of herself. Then she asked, hesitatingly, filled with anguish: 'can you lend me that, only that?' 'Why, yes, certainly.'

This quote from "The Necklace" shows my theme because Madame Forestier dream is to be rich and like everyone else. When she comes back to the ball she realizes that the necklace is gone. So what Madame Forestier does is buys a new necklace to replace the one she lost. Thus going into years of debt.

"but, one evening, her husband returned home with triumphant air, holding a large envelope in his hand. 'there,' said he, ' Here is SOMETHING For You' (...) instead of being delighted, as her husband hOped, she threw the invitation on the table with a disdain, murmuring: 'what do you want me to do with that?' 'but, my dear, I thought you would be glad. You never go out, and it is such a fine opportunity. I had awful trouble to get it. everyone wants to go; it is very select, and they are not giving many invitations to ClERks. The whole official world will be there.'"

This quote supports my theme because the husband just wanted to make Madame for their happy. He just wanted her to be like everyone else for once. When she ended up going to the ball and losing the necklace, he lost hope of his dream to make her happy because they had to be in debt for the rest of their lives.


"I'm still hurting" anna kendrick

In this song a girl's (Cathy) dream was to live happily ever after with he boyfriend(Jamie) , but all Jamie wanted to do was peruse his dream. Sadly, his dream did not involve Cathy.

"Jamie is gone Jamie's decided it's time to move on Jamie has new dreams he's building upon And I'm still hurting(...)Jamie's convinced that the problems are mine Jamie is probably feeling just fine And I'm still hurting"

This also shows my theme that "not all dreams come true" because all Cathy wanted to do was to marry this guy and live happily with him. But Jamie lied and believes it's all her fault. Her dream was to be with him, but that won't happen.

So wHat?

I think this theme is important to remember because if you gave up everything to follow your dreams and your dream doesn't come true you have nothing to fall back on. Which means that you wouldn't be able to continue your life without making some real sacrifices. I do think that it is important to have dreams, but I feel as if they should be in reach. 

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