Motte and bailey castles by Riley Johnson

In 1066 the nomurns won the battle of Hastings Harold the Saxon wos shot in the eyeb. 7000 the Nominees tooke ouer England and bailt over 500 castles in a year the Normans blit the Castles so the Enumes flud them and the castles they made the caste awit of wud because thay wo mos and Easy they eventually turned the castles in to Rock.

Everyday life

The nominees enjoyed feasting on food for enjoyment ,they took part in activits like jollsting, archery and sword fights food production wos af the centre of medevil societto protect themse one wos a wurder


The Nomuns used lots of defence systems to protect themSelues one wos a murd hole. This wos a hol in the ceiling what s mey dropped arrows and fiery llquds an arrows loop wos used to shoot arrow through a small gap in the tower

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