Removal of the one child policy: Good or bad? Abby Beckler, History 8A IBrooks

On January 1st, 2016, China lifted the ban on having a second child, but even though China was changing with that step, the government still fines people who are now having three children. Because the policy about having only one child had been around for so long, people had started to give up hope of having a second child, so when they were finally able to, some people decided not to for many reasons.

""I did think about having a second child, but my economic circumstances don’t allow it,” she said. “This national policy to have two children has come a bit too late.”"

Because of the sudden change in the policy, people who would have their children born legally the next year still terminated the pregnancy before they had known they would have been able to keep the child.

A way which this relates to the past is that even recently, people still believed that boys were better than girls. If a mother would have a baby girl, they would most likely discard the child, whether that meant aborting the child, or just leaving her on the side of the road, and the family would try to have another child, preferably a boy.

One question prompted by the research was: How did China enforce the one child policy?

Until last year in China, after the first child was born in a family, the mother would have to be fitted with an IUD (intrauterine device), a device which would keep her from getting pregnant with a second child. While people in other countries may have had IUDs, the ones in China were made for a different purpose, to keep the population numbers under control, so they were created to be extremely hard to take out. If a parent wanted a second child, they would have to pay a large fine to keep the child, or they would have to abort the baby.

This issue is important because this policy was restricting the size of all the families in China.

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