Imani Barton Bim I period 2

January 4

How was your break and what did you do?

My break was relatively fun. My niece came down from Canada. She is 6 months old and her name is Nivayah. My older brother, his girlfriend, and I went to the outlet mall because she has never been to an outdoor mall before. For New Years, my dad made seafood gumbo, and he bbq for Christmas. I got many cool things for Christmas and I had a lot of fun.

January 6

What is the most trouble you have ever given your parents? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them?

The most trouble that I have ever given my parents was when I was starting to fail my classes. My parents were really disappointed in me, but at that time I really didn't care. They saw that i didn't care and they were really mad about it. Especially my dad. The most enjoyment that I've given them was when I brought home straight A's. They were so proud about me that they told everyone they knew that they had an outstanding daughter.

January 11

What dream can you conceive? Can you believe it? Can you achieve it?

My dream is to be better a clarinet player than I was last year and the years before that. I believe that I can do this because I have friends and family there to support me. Knowing this I can achieve anything that I can put my mind on.

January 13

What are you doing this weekend?

This weekend I'm going to do nothing. I don't have any plans though I have been invited to a mini party in the like. Today I might be going to Game Night. It's for band fundraising. They're going to have food and different types of games to play. I went last year and it was pretty fun.

January 18

How do you decide if you like someone? How do you show interest in them?

I decide how I like someone by simply hanging out with them. If I realize that I like them then they are considered a friend to me. I show interest in someone that I like by trying to understand things their way or trying some of the things that they like to do. When I try to do the things that they like and I don't like it and it's what they do everyday, then I put them at a distance, and keep them there.

January 20

Have you ever "passed on a kindness"?

I would't say that I purposely passed on a kindness. People usually tell me that I'm always kind hearted. I don't go out of my way to be nice to someone and to help them out in any struggle that they are in. I just help. I like to help others because I know that when I was in the need of help and asked or it showed in me, I had someone to help me out.

January 25

Who is your biggest fan?

My biggest fan is, well I don't really have a biggest fan. I admire many people for who they are and what they do. The people that I admire the most are those who made a difference in history for those who couldn't. Such as: Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Nelson Mandana, Rosa Parks, etc. Those people and many more are the ones that I admire.

January 27

What do you love most about yourself? What do others love about you?

I love the way that I can handle myself and manipulate others to do the things that I want them to do. I can get others to think the way I think and do things that they wouldn't do. Most of the time I do this without thought, and sometimes I can do it on will. It happens all the time and you have to be really paying attention to me to catch it. Not many people can. I can't really say what other people love about me. There are so many things from so many people that it's to pinpoint some minor things. One major thing that teachers love about me is that I get my stuff done and actually care about them, how their day is, and what their weekend plans are. I am a very talented student who has a very wise person teaching me how to get the things that I want without much work.

January 30

Which of your senses is the most important to you? What would you do without it?

My hearing is the most important. Without it I wouldn't be able to hear music. Music is life for me. To hear beautiful melodies and rhythms is a wonderful feeling to have felt. For me without music, life would be boring.

February 1

How do you see yourself? How do you think others see you?

I see myself as a beautiful weird girl who's infatuated with music and and herself. I love myself and I don't care what anyone says about me. People don't know enough about me to criticize me and how I do things. There's so much to do and so little time in life to be wondering and worrying about what other people are saying about me.

February 3

Do you treat people as they are, or as they ought to be?

I treat people how they treat me. More or less. If they treat me like i'm trash or nothing, then that's how I treat them. If they treat me with respect and kindness, then they will receive the same live from me. Sometimes if they are older than me and I look up to them because they remind me of someone, then i'd treat them as I treat the ones that I look up to, like siblings that I love.

February 6

How were you taught to tell the truth?

I was never really taught not to lie. It was just an unwritten rule in my house. In my house, my dad always says, "If I'm asking the question, then I already know the answer." So we'll always tell the truth because our dad already knows what the truth is.

February 8

Have your parents ever practiced "long division" on you and your friends?

YES!! In fact this was most recently. My parents are very strict when it comes to rules especially dating. To my mom, i'm not suppose to date, to my dad, he cares but then doesn't cares about it. My brother on the other hand, he's really over protective. I understand that, he is my little brother, but sometimes it's annoying.

February 10

When has a friend opened up a whole new world for you?

When I first moved here, I had a friend that showed me the ways of the new school, and a new life. She was kind to me and from that I experienced a new world.

February 13

What is the most important advise you have ever receive?

I'd like to say that any advice that someone lays on me is considered important. If anyone has the time to take out of their usual and busy life to stop and give advice to a young adolescent or someone in the need, then to me, it is gold and silver in the desert.

February 15

What was the stupidest thing you have ever done? Did someone persuade you to do it?

The most stupidest thing that I've ever done was not pass even when I knew I could. I'm an expert at not doing homework or turning it in late, and still pass the test. I'd do the projects but it wasn't enough to pass the class, then when report cards come out, I would have straight A's or A's and B's. All because I turned in my homework or did extra credit. I was never persuaded directly by someone, but more so persuaded by the undeniable atmosphere of failure.

February 17

What are you going to do this weekend?

I am going to relax and sleep for most if the day. I might go outside during the weekend to get some fresh air. Mostly though, I'll be inside trying to catch up with my work and sleeping.

February 22

What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

To be honest, I'm still growing and learning. I haven't really thought about 'what I know now' as to what 'I wish I knew'. I'm just trying to grow up but stay as much as a little kid now, because when you get older, things change and the world doesn't care whether you're ready for it or not.


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