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Last class (3/12/17) we worked on sketching out ideas for our pop art books, I worked on some cartoon sketches for my book, inspired by Takashi Murakami. We did around 3 or more sketches and had them approved and critiqued by Ms. McCall. I worked on making more sketches so I would have more options and a backup plan in case something doesn't work with my original idea.

Today I'm working more on the book and coming up with more designs to add to the final product. I have 5 pieces sketched out. They're all different, but there are a few similarities. You should be able to tell that my artist inspiration was Takashi.

Last class we worked on bettering our designs and making sure we had everything planned out for the cover (absent 3/20/17). We started on the covers and drew on our main sketch, which we chose out of the few sketches that we did.

Today in class I'm working on the cover page for my book, which will be due by the end of class. I'll probably need more time to finish considering I was absent from the class before. I've already got my drawings and I'm ready to move on to coloring. The mediums I'm using are colored pencil and marker.

In class today, I'm finishing up my cover page and coloring it. the whole page will be filled.

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Takashi Murakami

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