Gowder and Payne California Adventure

Day 1 - Grand Tour of LA

Our first full day was spent on a tour of all the major sites of the LA area from Anaheim Tour Company.

Venice Beach
Santa Monica

Our first stops were Venice Beach and Santa Monica pier!

While reminiscent of the beaches of South Carolina, the grandness of the beaches here are breath taking.

Lunch at the Farmers Market

We have to wade through quite a crowd to try some of the dozens of food offerings at the market. And, as we found out later missed seeing Jennifer Lopez shopping!

Beverly Hills

We had to go into the lobby of the Regent Beverly Whilshire - location of Pretty Woman!

Next stop - Hollywood!

The Walk of Fame is an experience! Crowded sidewalks, street vendors, protesters, evangelists, and "stars" all competing for your attention (and $).

Found some of our favorite Stars!
Walt Disney Theatre

Day 1 was a full day of visiting the sites of LA!

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Paul Gowder

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