Henry Clay Interview Interview with henry clay

"What was the point of your life?"

The point of my life was to be a orator for Kentucky and serve as senate for U.S. To help out and to work hard.

"How do you think you will actually be remembered?"

I think I'll be remember as the best orator in Kentucky, and the smartest kid in my class.

"What do you consider your greatest success?"

Being elected Kentuckys orator and then sent to senate for the U.S. And working hard in school in ELA and handwriting.

"Would or could you have done things differently, if so how?"

I would've worked even harder in school and be a even better orator, so people would vote for me when I ran as president but I fell short of winning.

"Do you have any regrets?"

One regret was running for president when I could've worked harder to be the top of my senates.

"What were you best at in school?"

It was in ELA with Handwriting, which helped me out to be a skilled orator for Kentucky and then be a sentate for the U.S.

"What was your childhood like?"

My childhood was good, I had 8 other siblings and a mom and dad. I went to a good school and did a lot of hard work and grew up to be a Kentucky orator and now senate for U.S.

"How was your family's life?"

I married Lucretia Hart and we had 11 children 6 daughters and 5 boys, but sadly not many of our kids lived very long, I lived longer than most of my kids.

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