My Utopia Chelsea St. Louis

We Built, We Sustain, We Thrive; an Eco-Friendly Community

  • self sustaining
  • completely animal friendly
  • no internet
  • community of minimalists
  • no vehicles
  • nap hour each day (you can have a nap at whatever time you would like & no one could bother you)
  • all waste, (human & animal) will be reused for things such as fertilizer.
  • all plant based foods, no animal byproducts
  • live music, dancing, and friendships as entertainment
shelter will consist of a small open shack with a roof, a hammock, and blankets & pillows. (Very minimized). We will mostly be living outdoors. It is a community where people don't want materialistic things. It is a community where everyone helps everyone, and no money is here, as people do things out of kindness & love.
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Chelsea St. Louis

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