Creating her style by: Abbi bachman

Poppy Magee is a freshman at CHS. Magee likes experimenting with fashion and matching her clothing to the seasons. She also enjoys thrifting clothes to find cool and interesting items. She likes the idea of can shopping in a more sustainable way which is also benefiting to fight fast fashion.

"I love fashion because you can express yourself, you can show who you are and what you care about and an outfit can make you feel really confident," Magee said.

Magee's Doc Marten's are one of her favorite thrift finds. She was proud because she felt that the brand of shoe is difficult to get at a thrift store. She paired these with some from her favorite clothing brand, "Madewell," and a thrifted white sweater, paired with a jacket — found at "The ShareHouse", a thrift store in Ann Arbor, originally from the Gap 2002 Spring Collection. Her outfit blends secondhand and store-bought clothing seamlessly.

For jewelry, she stuck with a gold theme. Her necklace is from a boutique in Western Mich., which she got to match with a friend. Her white bracelet is from "The Write Touch," another is from her grandmother, and the third was thrifted. It says "Long School Class of 1959", which Magee says makes it feel like a piece of history.

Magee gets her fashion inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram along with magazines and her friends. When taking information on trends from magazines, she tries to get inspiration from what runways are doing, while keeping in mind that high fashion isn't always wearable in her everyday life. Instead, she tries to interpret it her own way.

"I try to take inspiration from what runways are doing, but also just what I think is fun and makes me happy," Magee said.