Holly Boudoir A guide to your session

Hey there you beautiful woman!

Thanx for your interest in Holly Boudoir - You're going to love your experience.

Let me introduce myself! I am Holly - I am a boudoir photographer, a student midwife and a mother to 3 sons. I love what I do and I want to change the world one woman at a time to accept their bodies more, to empower women but to also show the men of the next generation that women come in all shapes and sizes - not what they see on billboards.

My job is to give you the confidence to look at yourself in the mirror again and enjoy what is reflected back. I love to ignite the fire that burns inside of you. You know the one you thought you couldn't find or had lost!

I want you to look at your images any time you feel down and remember how you felt during your session, because that there is the person everyone else see's. ♥

Natural light boudoir photography is my calling, I love it, I live it, and want it, everyday.

If you would like to see more of my work and stalk me a little, please join my private facebook group.


I get asked this A LOT! What is Boudoir? Well, let’s define Boudoir: it is French for a woman’s private room or bedroom, or in photography terms, a bedroom, hotel or somewhere that creates an intimate setting for seductive, romantic or cute AF images. I capture you in the most flattering poses that fit your body type. As a photographer, there’s nothing more rewarding than making you leave your shoot feeling confident and sexy.

WHY.. Should I do a boudoir shoot?

There are hundreds of reasons you should do a boudoir shoot. I believe you should do this for YOU! To celebrate all that you are. The perfect imperfections, and boost your confidence. However here are some of the most popular reasons my clients book.

1. Many of my clients do these sessions as a gift. Whether it be for a bridal gift to your new husband or a Valentines gift. I assure you it’s not like any other gift he’s gotten before!

2. A large majority do it just because! Let's let out your inner goddess and show yourself and anyone else you choose to share these with how amazing, HOT, and incredible you are. So why not gift yourself with a boudoir session. You’ll leave feeling beautiful and more confident.

3. Celebrate. Maybe you recently lost weight, got a job promotion, or you reached some goal you’ve been working so hard at. Boudoir photography will assure you of how incredible and beautiful you are

So just about anyone, really. Even if you don’t think you have that hotness, you do, you just need to let her out.:)


I am based in Darwin and travel occasionally to Canberra

2018 has a new theme each month which can be outdoors/indoors/dark and moody or light and airy.

What to Expect

First, I suggest that you browse through this information & check out my portfolio. Contact me with any and every question & ideas you might have. I am more than happy to have a Phone consults where we can chat about details and decide on a vision for your photo shoot. This can also be accomplished via email. Don’t hesitate to Pinterest and link me to your board!

Once I receive your booking/retainer fee, we will start planning your session. While you are busy getting your accessories & clothes together, I will review your questionnaire. We will tailor this session to your individual wants and needs. Remember, this is all about YOU!


During the consultation process I will give you my Boudoir Lingerie Guide. This will help you when it comes to selecting your clothes and going shopping. If your shopping and need help, don't be afraid to txt me, I am more then happy to help! Remember your homework is to gather inspirational ideas leading up to the shoot, so I can see what you like.


While my awesome make up artists are getting your ready, we will have plenty of time to get comfortable with each other. We will go through your clothing options and put together complete looks. For most sessions about 2 – 3 outfits is plenty. I don’t like to set a strict time for this, but generally we will be shooting you for about 1 hour and a half hours (An hour for mini sessions)


Congratulations! ♥– We finished the shoot and your totally exhausted but excited

I want to make sure the images I present to you are carefully selected and edited beautifully. This usually takes me a couple of weeks and then we meet again for your viewing consultation. Its exciting, you'll love going through them.

Everything I offer is ready to display, whether it’s an Album, Wall art or digital images. Payment is due upon ordering and I do offer Take Home Lay-By. If this is something you want to do please have the following ready on the day:

33% of your chosen purchase amount

A valid Photo ID

Debit or Credit Card for payment

How do I receive the photos?

If you pay in full on the day, I will order your products and will hand deliver when they arrive. I will contact you to arrange delivery.

If you choose to take advantage of my Take Home Lay-By Service, once the deposit is made your products will be express posted to the studio. I will contact you when they arrive.

How much does this cost?

My booking/retainer fee is $200 ($150 mini sessions) This does not include images, however they be purchased separately at your ordering session. My collections for your beautiful images start at $1000 ($450 mini sessions), with 90% of my clients opting to use Take Home LayBy, to pay off their purchase,

all boudoir packages include


Discuss themes, ideas, concerns, get to know Holly! She's awesome.


A complete guide on what to bring, what would suit your style

MAKE UP ( + $100 additional for mini sessions)

Feel pampered and gorgeous. Inclusive of lashes


Don't worry, Holly is super bossy but trust her!


All final images come edited.


Just to get you super excited to order your products and prints



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