Discovering the Good Life: Museum of Natural History Brandon Estremera

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibit allows guests to step into nature and see the butterflies up close. Though there are woods and forests all around us, being in this exhibit allowed me to feel like I was stepping into the butterflies' world. The exhibit was beautiful and everyone there (especially the kids) were amazed by the display of butterflies and the variety of them.

Nature and Ethics: I think that conservation efforts are necessary for the future of Earth. This planet, as portrayed in this picture and throughout the museum, is an incredible place and needs to be respected. Visiting this museum really made me think about the condition of the Earth in relation to the human condition. Other visitors seemed fascinated by all that was on display. I definitely feel more like I need to take more responsibility for the condition of the world around me. I only hope that one day nature can be restored and valued again.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Connecting with nature a is a reoccurring theme throughout this class and I was reminded of it with this display. Tribes, to me, symbolize unity and oneness with nature. When viewing this display, I was reminded about the importance of appreciating nature and seeking solace and peace in nature. Connecting our sprit with nature is something that I think is essential to living a good life. This display helps us step away from our ordinary lives and explore the natural world.

It's Siddhartha himself! This is the part where he listens to the river and finally finds enlightenment.

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