Interviewing Grandpa By The Genealogy Kids

Kids can learn very interesting things about their older relatives by asking simple interview questions. It’s hard for young people to believe it, but adults were kids once, too, and most of them remember fun stories from their childhood. Here’s Nathan’s experience interviewing Grandpa Hardman:

“I asked my grandpa what life was like for him when he was a kid. I asked him to tell me what his favorite activities were, what chores he did, what he did with friends, and where he lived. I found out a lot of things I didn’t know.”

Grandpa lived in Van Nuys, California in the San Fernando Valley. He had a stingray banana seat bicycle that he rode down hills. For chores, he cleaned his room, took out trash, swept his dad’s cabinet shop, and fed the rabbit.

Grandpa vacationed in National Parks in a camper that his dad made! He and his friends would play marbles, ride bikes, fly kites in the baseball field behind the church, and sneak into the church on weekdays to see if there was any food left from the socials the weekend before.

Sounds like Grandpa had a pretty cool childhood. Try asking your Grandpa these same questions!